Top image caption: Students United Movement of All Arunachal (SUMAA) have been protesting against the Government of Arunachal Pradesh’s adoption of the Tibetan Rehabilitation policy (TRP). They say Tibetans are infringing on the rights of the indigenous population.

In 2014, the Indian government initiated a policy called the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy (TRP). Supporters say that the TRP was the Indian government’s attempt to boost the Tibetans’ standard of living; cynics say that the TRP was agreed to by many state governments, in order to woo Tibetan voters into voting favorably for them.

One such state that is now speaking up strongly is Arunachal Pradesh, in North India. In October 2017, hundreds of Indians in the state began passionate protests against their government, calling upon them to rollback their agreement to implement the TRP. In their protests, they willingly labelled themselves anti-Tibetan. The protests became so heated that Tibetan-owned businesses in Arunachal Pradesh state drew their shutters and required police protection from potential attacks.

The anti-Tibetan sentiment in Arunachal Pradesh joins an increasing number of vocal comments and remarks being made by Indians finally realizing how Tibetan so-called refugees have been taking advantage of the Indian nation’s kindness. Meanwhile the Tibetan leadership stays silent about the situation in Arunachal Pradesh while their people remain at risk of losing their entire livelihoods. It is clear that:

  1. The current situation is not the fault of the Tibetan people but of their leadership known as the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) in Dharamsala, North India. The CTA do not implement good policies to expose their people to better education, world politics, current affairs, better job opportunities as well as life opportunities and instead they keep the Tibetan people downtrodden and poor for their own purposes. In doing so, the CTA hopes that the world remains sympathetic to them labelled as ‘refugees’ although it has been 60 years since leaving Tibet, and hence gives them more money and donations. In reality, Tibetans actually have many opportunities in India to better their own lives if they would go beyond their scopes. The CTA does not encourage this within their communities although to sponsors and foreign donors they show a different face.
  2. Even their refugee status is being thrown into doubt and the citizens of their host country India is questioning why they are still refugees after 60 years of living freely. The tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh State in North India who are engaged in anti-Tibetan protests say that Tibetans are not genuine refugees according to the 1951 Geneva Convention which is the main international instrument of refugee law. There are many more genuine refugees in the world that fit the description much better. There are approximately 7,000 Tibetans in the North Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh alone. For example, real refugees do not live in nice houses, own farms, keep livestock, go on holidays abroad, send their children overseas for education, open up businesses, have big golden temples and get to enjoy all of the country’s facilities, while the indigenous population in India continues to suffer and does not receive adequate government aid. This indigenous population are speaking up now against this unfair practice of double standards. The double standards are those of the Tibetans claiming to be refugees and all the ‘perks’ that it accompanies this label, along with having passports of other countries such as Nepal, USA, England, Canada and so on. The head of the CTA or the so-called Prime Minister Mr. Lobsang Sangay has an American passport. If anything should happen in India, he can hop on a plane and fly to safety, quite contrary to the situation that his own countrymen face.
  3. So for the Tibetan government to keep using the “refugee” card is a clear indication that they are cheating the local Indian and indigenous population. That is to say, the CTA has the ability to create an environment for their people to do well and thrive, without needing affirmative policies from the Indian government who should be allowed to focus their efforts on the Indian population. Yet, the CTA continue to rely on the Indian government for such policies because it is free and easy money, and this is why Indians in Arunachal Pradesh are so upset. The fact that anger is now being directed at all Tibetans is a very clear indicator that the CTA have not been good leaders in securing their people’s future and current status that now even their refugee status can be attacked. It clearly shows that the CTA and Tibetans have not made themselves welcomed in India even after 60 years. No country will ask an immigrant or refugee to leave if they have lived there for 60 years. So something is seriously upsetting the Indians against Tibetans. Why are they still refugees after 60 years of living in free India?

A banner posted by Students’ United Movement of all Arunachal (SUMAA) in Itanagar, India, on 6 October 2017 stating: “Anti Tibetan Refugee Movement” driving start from 10th October 2017 onwards. We strongly stand firm against the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy-2014. We seek every indigenous people to join in this rescue mission for the safeguards of indigenous community. Go back Tibetan…! Go back refugee…! Kaling Moyong, Vice Present (Pro) cum Issue Chairman; Tagri Tame, President; Akom Suraj Licu, General Secretary; Taki Longte Ta…, Education Sec’y cum Issue Vice Chairman.

  1. The current anti-Tibetan sentiment shows that the CTA has not done much to give back to the people of India for being such a kind host and allowing them to live so freely, with all the additional perks even the locals do not get to enjoy. This shows how ungrateful the CTA is, and that they are all about taking and milking whoever they can manipulate into believing their ‘poor me’ stories. If the CTA had encouraged the Tibetan people to get involved with Indian society and assimilate, open charities, help the Indians and indigenous people, establish clinics, offer medical assistance and so on as the late Mother Teresa had done in India, Tibetans today would be viewed as Indians, and not as a separate community from the Indians. Being a separate community makes it easier for them to be identified as the opposition and enemy.
  2. The level of anger we are currently witnessing in Arunachal Pradesh is not a spur-of-the-moment thing. It is not just because of the TRP that Indians are suddenly protesting against Tibetans. In fact, anti-Tibetan sentiments have been brewing for decades, and the TRP just happened to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Why are the Tibetans still asking to remain as refugees and not assimilate, and furthermore asking for special refugee privileges? Tibetans who migrate abroad to Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Europe and so forth have to immediately assimilate, apply for permanent residency status or green cards, as well as passports and work. There are no special privileges. So why do they demand or expect this of their most kindest host, namely India? It has been 60 years already. “Assimilate or return to Tibet,” is what the Indians are logically demanding. Pay taxes, join the Indian armed services to protect the land, obey the rules of democracy and so on, and stop crying for help as you pretend to be a refugee.
  3. SUMAA (Students United Movement of All Arunachal) are students, so they are not just random uneducated village people. They are educated and they can observe and think, and having analyzed the situation, they have grown to become very angry and are now protesting in the hundreds because Tibetans still want preferential treatment and ask for aid from the foreign countries. What the CTA need to realize is that SUMAA have vowed that this is just the beginning and will not stop until their state government of Arunachal Pradesh rolls back the TRP and rescinds the state’s support of this affirmative action. This type of anti-Tibetan sentiment is growing. It has been brewing in various parts of India for decades.
  4. What the CTA also needs to understand is that once one group starts to get vocal and complain about the Tibetans, everyone else will join in too because finally, a group has taken the leap of being identified as anti-Tibetan and it is now no longer taboo to be considered as such. When that time comes, what can the CTA do to protect their people? After 60 years, Tibetans are still more likely to become sweater sellers than scientists, doctors, engineers and so forth. This is thanks to the CTA’s leadership and method of keeping their people uneducated, unexposed and unaware of the world at large for their own exploitative purposes. It is simple: the leadership keeps the population in poverty while they use this to receive aid and line their own coffers. It is well-known that the members of the Tibetan leadership in Dharamsala are wealthy, own houses abroad, send their kids to western countries for higher education, own cars, have foreign passports and can afford overseas holidays. While this method may have been initially intended to protect and preserve the Tibetan way of life, it has spectacularly backfired due to extreme corruption as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher stated. Now, the Tibetans cannot even earn a living safely and uninterruptedly, let alone think of preserving their culture in an atmosphere that is increasing hostile towards the so-called refugee Tibetans.
  5. Why does the CTA not say something to placate the situation and make peace with the Indians in Arunachal Pradesh? It is most likely because they know they can do nothing to placate the protestors, as their anger has grown so great. Before it reached this stage, the CTA would have tried to say or do something to quell the anger and so now, it is too late. So how will the CTA help the Tibetans now? Can they speak up for Tibetan refugee rights without angering the local Indian population? What would stop Indians from saying that Tibetans should just leave, which they have every right to call for?
  6. The CTA’s treatment of Dorje Shugden practitioners is coming back full circle. What’s happening now to all Tibetans and how they need police protection from the backlash from the Indians, is similar to how Dorje Shugden practitioners had to be protected by Indian police in the past when the CTA directed violence against them. Now the Tibetan community has to suffer because the CTA spent 60 years focused on making personal financial gains from their political positions. Thanks to the CTA’s actions against their own Tibetan people, the entire Tibetan community now has to suffer. Now the majority of Tibetans will know how it feels to live among self created hostility.

Locals have been seen protesting against the Tibetans in the hundreds.

What the CTA should be REALLY concerned about is that this is what is happening to Tibetans while Dalai Lama is still alive. While the Dalai Lama, who commands such massive respect in India, is still alive, there are already people in India calling for the Tibetans to leave. The request seems almost illogical; with nearly 90,000 Tibetans living in exile in India, it is impossible for all of them to leave. Where would they even go? It is becoming all the more obvious now that the CTA has to make friends with China so they have somewhere to go back to at that time, or to become Indian citizens now and be proud and serve the country. The Dalai Lama does not have a foreign passport but an Indian protectorate document for travel. But most of his government members do carry foreign passports but it is kept hush-hush. Ordinary Tibetans will find it prohibitively expensive to do the same.

This situation should be something of concern to all Tibetans, that once His Holiness the Dalai Lama passes away, there will be nothing to stem the wave of anti-Tibetan sentiment that is coming. They will not be able to rely on the CTA to handle it and certainly, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay has demonstrated he is incapable of doing so and will literally ‘fly the coop’ with his American passport. The funds for the whole of the CTA comes solely because of sympathies towards the charismatic Dalai Lama. Without him holding it together and being a magnet for monetary aid, all would collapse overnight. If Sikyong Lobsang Sangay had the ability to control the situation, the present situation in Arunachal Pradesh would not have boiled over into anti-Tibetan protests on the street. The fact there are protests now show that Lobsang Sangay was ineffective in dealing with this. The Tibetans did not make good impression on the Indians for the last 60 years.

After 60 years of living in India, Tibetans are still hoisting their flags throughout the communities in India. What an insult to India. They should be hoisting the flag of India which is the country that gives them safe refuge, education, opportunities, citizenship, free platform to campaign for a free Tibet, headquarters for the safety of the Dalai Lama, jobs and homes. But this shows how ungrateful Tibetans are. In every other country they migrate to, they must salute the flag of the respective countries. India is really kind and generous in all respects and now further is offering Tibetans citizenship which their CTA is refusing. To the public, they ‘encourage’ Tibetans for Indian citizenship but privately, they tell their people to not be a traitor and remain a refugee because the Tibetan cause will be lost, when in truth it is all about losing refugee aid money.

It is the CTA and their underhanded tricks all over again. By taking citizenship, Tibetans can no longer enjoy the free perks of foreign aid and have to fend for themselves. Indians are tired of being insulted and used as a stepping stone for Tibetans to get to another country. When they cannot get to another country, they want to remain as refugees forever, citing not losing the cause for Tibet, then only do they remain in India. Why is India the second choice? Why is India good enough to live as a refugee for 60 years but not good enough to become of citizen of? Tibetans are arrogant and are obviously using India. If getting an Indian citizenship is being a traitor to the Tibetan cause of freedom, then what about the thousands of Tibetans in Europe, Japan, Australia, North America who have already been naturalized as citizens of those respective countries? Are they all traitors also? Tibetans in India remain refugees because is easier to get aid than become a full citizen of a democratic country like India where they would have to fend for themselves like any other citizen.

As time passes, life gets better for most other refugee communities around the world. They are either repatriated as conflict in their homeland dies down, or they assimilate into their host nations and thrive there. Yet with the Tibetans, we are seeing the opposite, as more people become less enamored by the idea of a Shangri-la Tibet, and wake up to the reality that everyone knows is true – after 60 years, the CTA have given nothing back to India and will continue to give nothing back. Even as the Indians themselves speak up against them, with the Tibetan leadership it is truly a case of old habits die hard and at the end of the day, it will be left up to the Tibetan people to suffer. The precarious situation for Tibetans in India happening now is only the beginning of the end.


Indians (SUMAA) Protest Against Tibetans

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

Part Translation: “This is not a simple foot march, it is a protest rally and I want to say to the state government and the central government, whoever is behind this policy, to immediately roll it back. If not…this is just the beginning. I will say it one more time, this is just the beginning. And of our people who have come here today came along the road, if tomorrow the chief minister’s office asks, if necessary to save our prestige, we will, the SUMAA will go to any extent. Our demands are that the policy is rolled back.”


Part 4


SUMAA Leaders Speak



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  1. Tenzin Peljor

    October 12, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Tibetans use India. They don’t respect India and actually very racist. Indians are tired of this now and want them out. Now big protests in the hundreds are happening in Arunachel Pradesh state of India demanding Tibetans go back to Tibet. The people there are tired of the Tibetans and do not welcome them anymore. After 60 years, why are the Tibetans still refugees? If they can go western country, they will go because India is NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE USERS. They put India down. They only stay in India if they cannot go to another country. They never get Indian citizenship because they want foreign citizenship. Shame. In India, they never pay taxes. They never join army to defend India. They never build hospitals, half way houses, orphanages or get money from foreign aid to help India. They never build anything for Indians and we have so many poor Indians in India. Look at the foreigner Mother Teresa how much she did for India and she did so much for Indians in Calcutta but Tibetans do nothing. Not a charitable race. Their Dalai Lama never set up orphanages, schools, soup kitchens for the poor or set up scholarship for Indians. He lived in India for 60 years and give nothing back but take and use Indian land. The Tibetans lived in India for 60 years but they contribute nothing to India. Only complain and Indians are now going to speak up. The SUMAA students said the protests against Tibetans are only beginning and there will be more.

    After 60 years how can they still be refugees. They are not genuine refugees. They call themselves refugees and not get Indian passport so their Tibetan ‘government’ in Dharamsala can continue to market them to western countries and Japan to give them money. To get free money. Tibetan leaders love free money. Tibetans have big houses, nice cars and can travel to other countries. The Dalai Lama temples in Dharamsala have gold idols and gold paintings and live in very high luxury. Tibetan leaders already get money in the US billions in aid and yet they never improve. The Tibetans always say they have no opportunities in India. Why they say that? Because they are saying they are too good for India.
    They say they want autonomy with China but they fly the Tibetan flag on Indian soil. If they want autonomy, they should fly the Chinese flag and show China government they are serious to sit and talk. They are always lying. They protest against China on Indian soil making problems between India and China. India is not responsible for Tibetans. Tibetans should not make China India’s enemy. Don’t be selfish. China is not India’s problem. Tibetans should solve the problems themselves.

    Tibetan leaders only want money, money and more free things. They always make segregation among their people due to regional differences and religion. Look how they supress the Dorje Shugden religion and their own Dorje Shugden Tibetans cannot join in their schools or Dalai Lama’s talks and ceremonies. They treat the Dorje Shugden people like the low castes in India. Their Tibetan people cannot stand up on their own become something because their leaders want everything for free. When they go to western countries, they lose their culture, religion and language and pay a heavy price. Their children become more like the adopted country’s culture and people. Their ‘government’ in Dharamsala block them from getting Indian citizenship so they can continue using their fake refugee status to get money from the west. When India is so generous to give them citizenship, their own Tibetan minister in Dharamsala block this.

    Now Indians had enough and want Tibetans to get out and go home!

    SUMAA students heavily protest Part 1

    SUMAA students heavily protest Part 2

    Indians and Indian tribal people want Tibetans to go back to Tibet:

    Hundreds of Indians want Tibetans out of India. Protests are vowed to continue:

    Indian SUMAA leaders demanding state government to revoke refugee privileges for Tibetans

    And alternative videos:

    SUMAA students heavily protest
    Indians and Indian tribal people want Tibetans to go back to Tibet:
    Hundreds want Tibetans out of India. Protests are vowed to continue:
    Heavy protest in the hundreds by Indians for Tibetans to get out of India

  2. samayakeeper

    October 12, 2017 at 4:20 am

    Lobsang Sangay and his cohorts in the CTA are ungrateful to the government and people of India. They not only take from India but from other countries. Tibetans should vote out those corrupted, greedy and useless office holders in CTA instead of continuing to support a government that has not brought them benefit. Say NO to CTA!

  3. Bylakuppe C

    October 12, 2017 at 4:21 am

    You can see in the comment part of this youtube video how ungrateful, greedy and nasty Tibetans are. The Indians are angry and have a right to be angry after hosting the Tibetans for 60 years. Yet instead of being grateful, they lash back. Even calling the Indian students “COMMUNIST CHINA PAID DOGS” and other vulgarities. Very racist. Anything Tibetans don’t like, they call you a China spy or China money eating agent. Even the Indian nationals now are berated as China dogs.

    No wonder Indians are protesting for Tibetans to go back! This is happening while the Dalai Lama is alive for after he passes, it will completely degenerate and the Indians will take action and expel the ungrateful refugees.

  4. Tashi Delhi

    October 12, 2017 at 4:24 am

    We all know that Dalai Lama does not want independence for Tibet but autonomy. It is clear that Rangzen-fighting Tibetans are going against the Dalai Lama. They are hardcore separatists and most likely taking Chinese money to create schism. The attached Times of India article is very clear what the Dalai Lama wants. Rangzen Tibetans and activists are 100% against Dalai Lama and Tibetan nation.

  5. Swiss Tibetan Rangzen

    October 12, 2017 at 4:45 am

    Tibetan govt in exile is corrupt, useless and keeps their people as refugees so they can milk more aid money to put in their pockets

  6. Dharamsala Son

    October 12, 2017 at 4:46 am

    These guys had an all expense luxury trip to Paris to attend a Rangzen (Tibetan Independence) meeting. This rangzen movement is directly against the Dalai Lama’s mdidle way autonomy. These guys are against our Dalai Lama.

  7. Dharamsala Son

    October 12, 2017 at 4:48 am

    These guys had an all expense luxury trip to Paris to attend a Rangzen (Tibetan Independence) meeting. This rangzen movement is directly against the Dalai Lama’s mdidle way autonomy. These guys are against our Dalai Lama.

    They are 100% against the Dalai Lama. We cannot support their views at all

  8. Dharamsala Son

    October 12, 2017 at 4:48 am

    Lobsang Sangay and Sharling Dhardon was seen in Delhi together at a five star restaurant having a cozy dinner. These two are very close. Lobsang Sangay and Sharling Dhardon are very wealthy while their fellow Tibetans are selling sweaters on the dusty Indian streets.

  9. Eli Buchen

    October 12, 2017 at 5:08 am

    One of the first things, that came to my mind, is Karma. It is the wheel of sharp weapons for CTA and Tibetan who harassed and chased Dorje Shugden people and monks.

    Still it shows that Tibetans in exile has not assimilated or lived harmoniously with the locals at all and CTA does not help also. CTA’s policies have turned the Tibetans settling in India, as something unwelcomed.

    Tibetans, please wake up now CTA, has led you all to a dead end, hope you all can salvage the situation before India becomes even no longer friendly Tibetans to be present. Tick tock. times wait for no one, hope all the tibetans who have created such huge negative karma can do their purification spiritual practices and turn things around.

  10. King Bhishmaka

    October 12, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Enough is enough OK!

  11. Sandy

    October 12, 2017 at 5:19 am

    All CTA officials hold foreign passports and Tibetans living in India remain as refugees? This is so unfair and CTA is clearly not doing their job. How can you let your people remain as stateless refugee for 60 years? How ironic is that Losang Sangay holds an American passports and then goes around the world asking for refugee aid? He is not even a refugee. It is quite clear that CTA wants the money for their own pockets, they are using their own people to make themselves rich, that is so disgusting.

  12. Camillia

    October 12, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Seriously I am very impressed with the CTA, they are very profit oriented, and their commercial model is the best in the world! It is a zero cost commercial model.

    The entire Tibetans in exile community including the prestige Dalai Lama, erudite lamas and monks, are housed by the Indian government. They are given land and many opportunities to develop, grow and expound their religion freely. Many people from all over the world had flown into these lands given to Tibetan in exile by the Indian government to meet up with spiritual masters, receive teachings and contribute towards the building and maintenance of these premises as well as the economy of the fringe industries. So, the CTA has NO COST to maintain the survival of her people.

    Then, the CTA leaders flew around the world, parading the prestige Dalai Lama to talk about fake world peace since CTA and the people in Dharamsala practice segregation and discrimination, and the highly convoluted Tibetan Cause since half of CTA and Dharamsala is forming a separate camp that opposes what Dalai Lama has been championing. But since the westerners, in general, had been known for their generosity when they hear causes about China suppressing human rights or what-not, it has been rather profitable for the CTA this past 60 years.

    So, all profit, no cost.

    And you wonder why young people in Arunachal Pradesh protest and demand the rollback of TRP. Given the high lifestyle of certain Tibetans who claim that they are refugees to enjoy the perks in the expense of the indigenous, it is no wonder the youth of Arunachal Pradesh became angry.

    The sad truth is, not all Tibetans in exile are living the high life. Majority of them are poor, not exposed, barely educated, and they have been kept this way by the CTA deliberately so that this sad image can be used to milk the westerners.

    The real Tibetans in exile are the Ota Benga of this century, and like it or not, CTA is Samuel Phillips Verner!

  13. Krishna

    October 12, 2017 at 6:11 am

    Dalai Lama’s people of Tibetans is time to go back to Tibet. You don’t want to be a citizen of India after 60 years. Why not? You don’t respect India? 😖☹️😓

  14. Mila Rangzen

    October 12, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Let us not forget the Gaddi in Dharamsala whom the Tibetans have not shown any reciprocity in terms of treatment. Have the Tibetans overstayed? When will they assimilate? When will the CTA allow Tibetans to become India nationals?

    The CTA is the root of all Tibetans problem in India. Better change or it will get worse, trust me.

  15. DS survivor

    October 12, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Corruption, ignorance and self-indulgence of CTA provoked anger to India and Tibetan refugees. It’s useless for the refugees to seek authorization from them. Surrender your nationality to India.

  16. Giving Back

    October 12, 2017 at 7:19 am

    When will the Tibetans give back to India? When will Lobsang Sangay and Dhardon Sharling see the disparities between them and the average Indian citizen? When will they see the disparities between them and the average Tibetan in India?

    In the picture below you can see how disattached Lobsang Sangay is to the plight and reality of the average Tibetan in India and also Indians, adorning a really expensive looking timepiece.

  17. L Lhundup

    October 12, 2017 at 7:26 am

    Dear Giving Back,
    You are correct.
    Lobsang Sangay is totally disgusting behavior.
    Look Tibetan suffering but he is jolly good American passsport, house, travel, very nice hotel and girlfriend, many holiday overseas, many, many more.
    What did he do for Tibetan? Nothing.

  18. L Lhundup

    October 12, 2017 at 7:32 am

    Dhardon Sharling also have same expensive watch like Lobsang Sangay. Who give her?

  19. Doreen Park

    October 12, 2017 at 7:47 am

    A firm call to roll back their government’s agreement to implement the policy of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy is being made by hundreds of Indian protestors in Arunachal Pradesh. Protests have become so heated that Tibetan business premises have called for police protection for fear of possible attacks.

    These protests reflect increasing awareness by Indians regarding the fact that given 60 years to go about doing it, the Tibetans have still not become Indian citizens and , remaining as refugees, are still demanding special privileges. In actual fact, they have been taking advantage of India’s hospitality and kindness, at the expense of local indigenous Indians who continue to suffer owing to lack of adequate aid. Why have they, the Tibetans, not assimilated into the Indian cultural and social scene? Why the disdain for becoming Indian citizens, and yet enjoying the privileges accorded ?

    The ball is at the court of the CTA. They are the ones who have discouraged Tibetans from opting for Indian citizenship, fuelling their unreasonable disdain and reluctance. If they care for the Tibetans in India, they should be helping them to get Indian citizenship in the shortest possible period. Otherwise, when India decides to withdraw its hospitality, where will the poor Tibetans(who unlike CTA and friends who have got American and other passports and can just fly there at will) go, who will be left floundering and stateless.?

    Meanwhile, CTA, do something to placate the situation and make peace with the Indians in Arunachal Pradesh.There is no time to lose.

  20. sunita

    October 12, 2017 at 7:59 am

    The politics from all directions that are ongoing is going to cause lots of sufferings to the regular Tibetan people who are just trying their best to lead a normal life. Very sad indeed !
    The Indian politicians in trying to buy Tibetan votes created this “special” treatment package TRP for the Tibetans and this angered the locals who felt left out and threatened.
    Then there is the Rangzen anti Dalai Lama Tibetans who are trying to fan anger and create war amongst the Tibetans, Indians and the Chinese.
    On top of that the Tibetan in exile government CTA is too engrossed in their self cherishing policies and in-fighting that they have neglected the long term welfare of the Tibetans. This is why many Tibetans have fled overseas in search of their own security and destiny because they cannot trust the CTA can help them. After 60 years, it is very obvious that there is little development or positive results in whatever have been planned by the CTA for its people. The policies and methods used are not effective. The future is bleak, especially so because His Holiness is already very old and HE is the only person that’s currently able to hold things together. However, even then, the cracks in the system are getting bigger as the Rangzen group rallies against the Dalai Lama.

    Every party has their own selfish agendas!! Which of them is truly there for the Tibetan people ??????
    There are some wise and caring individuals like Mr Lukar Jam who is trying to voice out to make a difference, only to be shot down and silenced by the CTA! Sigh!

    I agree with the writer that this sort of protests will escalate all over India, if the correct measures are not quickly put in place to calm things down. The livelihood and security of the Tibetans must be taken seriously by the authorities, both the CTA and the Arunachal Pradesh authorities.

  21. celia

    October 12, 2017 at 8:24 am

    As much as it is saddening and worrying to read about such incidents, I can’t say it is something not foreseeable given the brewing dissatisfaction in India which CTA conveniently ignores.After all, no one likes to be taken advantage of.

    From the Indian people’s perspective,
    • the Tibetans have had it extremely good as freeloaders for decades now.
    • In fact, not only were land and financial aids given by Indian government but there were so many generous donations pouring in all these years (some heavily publicised).
    • There were so many doors opened to the Tibetans yet there has been no significant progress at all to date which does give credence to the allegations of Tibetans purposely taking advantage of other people’s generosity and refusing to lift a finger to better themselves.
    • Further, there are Tibetans who are quick to condemn India when things do not get their way. From openly complaining and rudely speaking badly to even online vulgar bashing of the Indian government and its people. In essence, this lack of tact can seemingly be seen as a lack of gratitude.
    • As if that is not bad enough, the Indian people are aware of the luxuries and the good life led by those in CTA.

    All the above serve to fan negative sentiments and even resentment of the Indian people who are struggling with poverty and hardship themselves. In addition, “biting the hand that feeds you” is never appreciated.

    However, what the Indians fail to see or failed to distinguish is that the general Tibetans are not intentionally opting to be freeloaders or set out to be an ungrateful bunch with serious entitlement attitude or hang ups. Unfortunately, the Tibetans in exile were and still are being mightily screwed up by CTA. In particular;
    • The millions of financial aids meant for Tibetans never properly channelled to them and are obviously mismanaged and consumed by CTA.
    • CTA has failed to delivered the majority, if not all, of their promises to Tibetans and have vested interests to keep Tibetans in such sordid state and as refugees. After all, those are the premises in which CTA can continue to milk the sympathy and generosity for more donations and financial aids.
    • When some Tibetans finally took the initiative to improve their situation and manage to successfully find a way to a better secured life, their efforts are frustrated by CTA who abuse their power. Case on point, the Indian citizen application episode. Success achieved by some Tibetans in Indian court to have a right to be Indian citizens are being obstructed by CTA. Despite CTA officially responding that the choice is up to Tibetans, CTA blatantly refuses to issue the necessary letters under the unwarranted guise of protecting the Tibetans’ rights, effectively frustrating and blocking the citizenship applications. Then again, it is a pattern with CTA to say one things and do another thing to capitalise on the pain and suffering of Tibetans. Like how CTA maintains there is no Dorje Shugden ban yet abuses CTA’s executive power to criminalise Dorje Shugden practitioners and further expands so much resources to perpetuate discrimination and hatred which divides the Tibetans at a time when unity is crucial.

    As usual, the Tibetan in exile are the ones who have to pay for CTA’s faults and indiscretions. And as much as it is harsh to say, to a certain extent, by not standing up and holding CTA accountable for CTA’s failures and questionable actions, the Tibetans have allowed themselves to reach this sordid state. Tibetans have allowed their fear of the negative repercussions of speaking up against the CTA to blind them to the fact that actually CTA’s powers lie in their hands.

    Whilst it appears now more and more Tibetans growing braver, and gaining the courage to express their thoughts and feelings and thus are speaking up against CTA, the question is whether Tibetans still have enough time to take things slow? Already sentiments in India is reaching boiling point and the last thing we want is another repeat of Rohingya type situation which was triggered first by violent expulsion by vigilantes before perpetuated by those in power due to similar resentment and dissatisfaction within.

    The good thing is that it is still not too late as the reverence of Dalai Lama is still relevant. Things can still be turned around provided CTA changes or is made to actually do what they are elected to do, serve and improve the welfare of Tibetans in exile. And such efforts are carried out pronto.

  22. Tenzin K

    October 12, 2017 at 8:47 am

    What happening now in Arunachal Pradesh is just the beginning and it’s enough to show that CTA had failed to carry out their duty to protect and take care of their people. After 60 years taken advantage by the greedy corrupted Tibetan leadership, no one can stand it anymore. If CTA has been doing their part and being grateful we will not see such incident. CTA will remain quiet and hope the Indian government to protect them but how long that can be? Will Indian government sacrifce 1.3 billions Indian population for Tibetan refugees in India?

    How CTA discriminate their own Tibetan that practices Dorje Shugden with violent, now they are facing back the karma. Not that I’m happy to see but this is the fact of the wrong doing. Instead of uniting their people to be harmony with their own people as well as with the Indian, CTA play the greedy card to divide and being ungrateful to their kind host. Now CTA not only need to strategies to negotiate with China if they still want to fulfil their promise to theTibetan but at the other hand to also negotiate with the Indian now if they don’t want to be kick out. 👎

  23. Tashi

    October 12, 2017 at 8:54 am

    This is the result of CTA being greedy, selfish and corrupted. The Tibetan must wake up already as they have been used for so long and after 60 years this is what happened to them. What has CTA done to help Tibetan welfare? Why the Tibetan leaders can be other country citizens but never do anything for Tibetan to take care of their welfare? Why CTA being quite and allow Tibetan self sacrifice? Why CTA not doing anything with their host country India to have a better relationship so this incident can be prevented? What is CTA role here for the Tibetan refugees?

  24. Rakesh

    October 12, 2017 at 9:21 am

    The Tibetans have been asking for too much as a refugee. Where in the world do refugees get so much? The government is showing kindness but the real Indians come first. No Tibetan refugees welcome to take advantage of what the government should provide for Indians first. Go back to Tibet if you don’t like it here! Tibetans are now being targeted in Arunachal Pradesh and they are not welcome to enjoy our benefits. You have taken us for granted for too long.

  25. christine victor

    October 12, 2017 at 11:18 am

    It is sad to see the Tibetan refugees being chase out from India. Further this is going to spur big if CTA do nothing.

    The Tibetan refugees, if to chase out, where or which country will host them. Looking at how they brought so much chaos in India, when India have host them for 60 years. To add on, no country will not go against China especially now China have shake hand with USA

    The CTA have been selfish not to unite they are refugees, now, the society is separated and in chaos. I am not worry on the politician, they have enough financial to cover and even a house in other countries. The worst is the refugees. They already live in poor stage. If the India chase the out, not sure how they end up.

    The new or young Tibetan have no patriotic feeling towards the Tibet China, they are born in India. Now, even if the young Tibetan would like to be Indian nationality, the Indian Government might not allowed.

    CTA are feeling what they have done.

  26. SabrinaS

    October 12, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Wow! What a spectacular proof of Karma does exist! After years of mistreating the Dorje Shugden Lamas & practitioners, now the karma is reciprocating. After millions and billions of USD sponsorships, CTA should have lifted the “refugees” out of poverty into a thriving community to served themselves and their kind host, India. Instead CTA members “lifted” their own living standards while spending frivolously on propaganda against China and then Dorje Shugden practice and practitioners. So much wasted funds that their people missed out on which could have given them the skills to thrive in any country they chose to settle in. Its understandable that the Tibetans in Exile wish to return to Tibet and as such remained as refugees but from CTA’s antics of antagonising China, that put paid to their dreams. After 60 years isn’t it about time that the Tibetans wake up the reality that CTA failed them? The answer is obvious when CTA defied the Dalai Lama’s wish for autonomy by promoting Rangzen, as witnessed by the meeting in France recently.

    Worse is when CTA placed the ban on Dorje Shugden practice to distract their people from CTA’s failures of promises made. They discriminate, segregate and persecution Shugden practitioners with impunity, just as they did back in feudal Tibet of anyone who was a threat to their positions. CTA suppress their people so much that they had became obedient supplicants that no longer think for themselves. It really shows CTA’s true colours with the level of ungratefulness to their host country, India and continue to feed of the goodwill of India and many others. Professional Beggar is the apt name I would say!

    The Dalai Lama is already 82 years old and yet CTA thinks they have plenty of time left. Or don’t, when CTA in actions showed incessant animosity against China, certainly not a sign of wanting negotiations with China. If their people were smart, then they should also stand up to all the unsavoury going ons in CTA. How will the collective karma play out I wonder? Will CTA finally change their policies to fulfil their Oath of Office, to serve their people and to put their interests first? Highly unlikely but then miracles do happen right? 😎😰😰🙄

  27. Brian Little

    October 12, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    CTA and Tibetans should not be referred as refugees anymore. Many do not really live like refugees meaning they live way better than a normal refugees. CTA should stop acting as a parasite and live off India’s kindness. It is strange to know Lobsang Sangay actually holds an American passport and do you think he is the right man for the job still?? He will just flee when there is any political changes in CTA.

  28. Ryan Tashi

    October 12, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Maybe they have realised that Tibetans are now better off than their own people. CTA also caused a lot of problems in the past failing to control it’s people esp during the Dorje Shugden issue. It’s unfair for India still keeping them as refugees.

  29. Anonymous

    October 12, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Hopeless CTA that ruining lives of Tibetans! It’s so sick to have such “gornverment” , care nothing but to keep his pockets consistently full..👎👎👎

    It’s time for Tibetans to stand up, put down CTA and claim for what they deserve.. Real freedom✊✊✊

  30. Jing Jing

    October 12, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    When I read the article I feel sad and worried about Tibetan of their safety. I’ve seen violent can really break out due to anger of people do not agreed with their government policy. I sincerely wished this would not happen between Indian and Tibetans.

    But when I read the comments of a few Tibetans on Tibet Sun. I see no appreciation from Tibetans to the kindness of Indian who hosted them for over 60 years. I think CTA should do something to re build the bond between Indian and Tibetan instead of focusing on Dorje Shugden issues that already given the Indian government lots of troubles. As a guess to India, pls be nice and polite. Stop being selfish and only take without contributing to your host.

  31. J. Ushri

    October 13, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    If I had house guests who stayed with me for 60 years and give nothing back, I would have kicked them out long ago. The Tibetans are actually very fortunate that the Indian government hosted them graciously for 60 years without seeking any rewards or compensation. But sadly, instead of returning the kindness, CTA has not done anything to reciprocate India’s hospitality.

    CTA’s tactic of playing the victim card is now stale and isn’t going anywhere. In fact, more and more are seeing beyond the “poor me oppressed by China” facade. After 60 years and the Tibetans are not any closer to returning to their country. This just proves CTA’s incompetencies.

  32. Ken

    October 13, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Idiot you write too long but dont know Arunachal Pradesh is not in North India and SUMAA is not a mass mandate organisation

  33. sierra

    October 13, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    That’s call cheating. Getting the local government who are out to gain votes by giving the so-called refugees preferential treatment and side-lining the Indian citizens. Why would the locals want the “refugees” around to take away their share of the pie?

  34. Richard LakTam

    October 14, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    Clearly this is CTA’s fault. 60 years have past, and they, the “government” did not do something, and anything at all to settle the refugees issue. They didn’t go back to China, they didn’t get independent, and recently when Indian government is kind enough to offer them Indian citizenship, CTA didn’t even approve the Tibetan application at initial stage. CTA wants their people to remain as refugees, so that Lobsang Sangay can continue taking money from the west and go in to his own pocket.
    Of course Lobsang Sangay won’t hold Indian citizenship and won’t stay in India. People like him, will only want to stay in western country. So that when anything happen in India or the Tibetan in India, he will fly to US. People like him doesn’t deserve to be the Sikyong. He should come down, and CTA should cease operation. Tibetan should go back to their home coutnry, China! Stop dreaming Tibetan in exile! There’s no independent!

  35. Justice stands firm

    October 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    In the first place, India government is stupid enough to host Tibetan. Just because they want to stand against China? Now become a big joke! LOL. Why I see it as a joke? At first, you Indian government host Tibetan in exile, just because you wanted to stand against China. Now, because of Tibetan in exile are not grateful, you people are tired of them staying freely in your country land, and chase them back to China? Where is ur stand against China? 😂😜😂

  36. Lovett

    October 14, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Within the Tibetan communities in India, there is no free speech and how Tibetans insult each other and would even insult foreigners by calling them Chinese agents just because you speak up and this is suppose to silence you. All of this began with the Tibetan CTA. Nonetheless, there are a handful of Tibetans who had enough and they dare to speak the truth and in this case, Tenpa Yarphel speaks against Nechung and veiled statements about the Shugden ban –
    And then there are people who would oppose his view by shaving his head. Very silly.

  37. Ravi

    October 14, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Go back you Tibetans! Stop using us and taking advantage of India. Go back to your Tibet and China!! 😠

  38. Ngawang

    October 15, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Tibetan leaders wear expensive watches, carry branded bags, big houses and fly everywhere, enjoy good food, most importantly enjoy the good fame as country independence fighters. What a joke.

    And now all these so called leaders keep silence when Tibetan lay people are being hated and at the edge of chased away local Indians. I think Tibetan leaders are very few of the world leaders that can enjoy privilege as a leader but do not have to carry any responsible to a protect and voice up for the people under their rules. I think that’s THE BEST JOB in the world!

  39. Chodron D.

    October 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    L Lhundup, ya you are right.

    Why Lobsang Sangay himself got American passport and discourage Tibetans in India to get an India passport?!

    As leader Lobsang Sangay not able to protect their people, not able to provide them with decent jobs, good food, good house; but try their best to stop others to provide and to better fellow Tibetans’ life. This is selfish, with their own agenda to get more money from American and Western countries; to enjoy their good life.

    We do not need this kind of selfish and corrupted leaders. Down the Lobsang Sangay, down the CTA!


    October 15, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    Such a long time since, but no friendship with India and only attacking China… It seems that we Tibetans have to make a decision. Becoming Indians or going back to Tibet. It makes me feel so sad and angry that we ended up like this. We got so much support from India and all around the world…

  41. Michaela Smith

    October 16, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Real refugees vs. Tibetan ‘refugees’. Should developed countries continue to help Tibetans, the most prosperous ‘refugees’ on earth?

  42. untomable

    October 17, 2017 at 3:04 am

    Because of the kindness of India, Tibetan already 60!!! year safe to stay in India, am really agree WHY already 60 years passed, the Tibetan in India now still labelled as ‘refugees’ ……😓 and why the already 60 years CTA never change the Tibetan ppl to more better way ?

  43. CTA LIES

    October 17, 2017 at 11:31 am

    There is NO REAL FREEDOM of SPEECH for us Tibetans living under the ruling of the CTA and Dalai Lama. The Tibetan communities in India all sufer this fate and we live in lies and deception of a FAKE DEMOCRACY.

    Just watch how Tibetans insult and backstab each other and would even dare insult people they do not know, calling them Chinese dogs/Chinese spies is the only thing they can say and the label they give you the moment you dare to speak up. This is done to shut you up and to indicate to other Tibetans to attack you because they make you sound like you are a traitor and this is how they get all to turn against you. This is how the Tibetan CTA deals with people they feel threatened. All because of power and position.

    However, there are a few brave Tibetans who basically had enough of their deception and begin to speak up, to tell the truth. A good example is Tenpa Yarphel who bravely stood up and talked about Nechung and the inconsistency and FAILED prophesies… also the ridiculous heavy reliance on him for everything. Where on earth do you ever see any government relying on “mystical Gods” to help them make state decisions? Even if they did, they would not dare tell anyone because this is 2017 not the medieval times. Just watch –

    Then you have the small-minded, sheep like followers, shaving their hair – like WOW big deal, to protest against Tenpa Yarphel. Lololol

  44. Lhakpa

    October 17, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Chokyong Nechung is wrong! Nechung in this video said that Dalai Lama is going back to China and that was five years ago? What happened? Why are we even listening to him ever again. He always make mistakes. 😱


  45. Jamyang

    October 17, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Question to Tibetan exile government, Central Tibetan Administration – CTA: Hey this Geshe Dorje interprets Nechung’s prophecy saying the Dalai Lama will go back to Tibet five years ago, but look, Dalai Lama still cannot go back. Watch…

    Not only that, there is still NO sign of even creating a good relationship for a chance to go back! So we are all stuck and still nowhere near going back to Tibet. So why on earth are we still listening to this spirit Nechung who always makes mistakes and give wrong prophecies? Nechung even killed the 13th Dalai Lama by giving him the wrong medicine. So WHY are we still listening to him for? Why are we Buddhist following what a spirit says? If we can follow Nechung spirit so why condemn Dogyal? This is weird and wrong!

  46. Dondrup Shugden

    October 18, 2017 at 6:55 am

    60 years and still a refugee? Something that is crazy. But being refugee evokes sympathy from wealthy western people who believes in humanity. Result: Money

    Think again the CTA is using this refugee thingy to solicit money to benefit themselves.

    I must say Lobsang Sangay does not look like a refugee with his nice clothes and all.

    CTA, do not abuse the Indian government the way you are abusing Dorje Shugden devotees. Do something and do not further tarnish the reputation of the Dalai Lama.😠

  47. Pema Schneider

    October 19, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Lobsang Sangay at Golden Jubilee Celebration of Tibetan Settlement Office, Dharamsala:

    Losang Sangay said recently (October, 2017) in Dharamsala that Tibetans have two enemies: the outer and inner enemy. The outer enemy is the Chinese government and Dorje Shugden people. The inner enemy is the people who speak against about our Tibetan affairs like regional differences and religious differences. (He didn’t say this directly but he means people like Tenpa Yarphel who spoke up in the Parliament) He said out of the two enemies, the worse one is inner enemies.

    Now the Tibetans have started a new Facebook page specifically against Tenpa Yarphel. Tibetans are protesting against him:

    And there is a video of Tibetans with Tenpa Yarphel’s name on the paper against him and asking him to resign:

  48. Matteo

    October 19, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a a dedicated advocate for the principles of democracy. In September this year, Tibetans in India celebrates 57 years since the establishment of the democratic path in the running of the Tibetan people’s political system. Sadly, it’s all lip service if you know the truth.

    Look at the recent incident of MP Tenpa Yarphel speaking up. Tenpa Yarphel has the right to speak and express his opinion, especially because he is a representative of the people, a Member of Parliament. Instead, he was criticized for issuing irresponsible statements, watch this video here:

    What is absurd is that there are even people protesting against his opinion, and shaving their hair in protest:

    It’s funny that he was accused of being sectarian, but the truth of the matter is, because of Nechung, Dorje Shugden practitioners were segregated, discriminated and ostracized from the Tibetan community in general all around the world. I guess this MP is sick of seeing the separation and had to speak up for the unity of the Tibetan people in exile. What do you think?

  49. Lukar Jam supporter

    October 19, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Nechung oracle is not reliable.

    In the past, he didn’t help when british in tibet in 1904. he gave wrong medicine to 13th dalai lama which caused His holiness’s death. he said in the past Tibetans going back to Tibet. In 2009, this Geshe Dorje read out what Nechung oracle said. How many years passed, negotiation talk never resume after Lobsang Sangay become Sikyong.

    Why we still believe Nechung?

  50. Tashi, Delhi

    October 20, 2017 at 8:53 am

    What is the CTA for a club? Going around pretending to be a democracy and only because of HH Dalai Lama they can make some foreign people believe it but it seems that karma is coming back.

    The CTA is suppressing their own people, having a good life with the money originally meant for the Tibetan people. On top, their elections are a farce!

    Listen here to Tenpa Yarphel who questions about the reliance of the Tibetan Government to Nechung, an oracle, which is understandable already but on top Nechung’s predictions seem to create more problems than anything else.

    What happens to Tenpa Yarphel now that he speaks up? Tibetans have started a Facebook page against Tenpa Yarphel and protest against him: They even ask Tenpa Yarphel to resign:

    So much for the “Democracy” in the Tibetan Government!!

  51. Raon

    October 20, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Anyone understand the feeling after more than 50 years escaping and settle in India, and you are still a refugee; and today Indians people also starting to question our stay which is not temporary…Can Sikyong Lobsang Sangay does something to solve the problem, or at least to show some progress in getting Tibetans back to Tibet?

  52. nyima

    October 22, 2017 at 1:53 am

    What has CTA leaders done to appease the local in Arunachal Pradesh?

    Have CTA leaders proven themselves capable in social & economic development?

    If you are China will you let these CTA leaders to administer Tibet?

  53. support Lukar Jam

    October 22, 2017 at 2:07 am

    Lukar Jam would be fresher air. He dares to talk, question and improve. He will be better leader.
    It’s too late now since Tibetans kept quiet and voted Lobsang Sengge. 😢😢
    “It seems the Sikyong is more concerned about his public image. He spends more time promoting himself and the people he favors, and less on the affairs of our people,” our source tells us. “He was voted in because people thought a Harvard-educated man would know how to guide our people towards dialogue with China. We all thought he would be a breath of fresh air. Instead, things seem to have become worse compared to Samdhong Rinpoche’s time.”

  54. Paulyn

    October 23, 2017 at 12:57 am

    tibetans must be very regret they chose Lobsang Sangye as their sikyong. Things turn worse and worse for the tibetans in exile. More are coming i guess, from the political news that surfacing every now and then. The political scene nowadays in the world is changing due to the rise of China, those who go against China will definitely pay for their price. It’s not a threat but a truth. Whoever is weak will definitely be replaced and the strong one will lead. that’s the rule of game.

    CTA, if u wanna win, buck up, work 100x harder and prove to the world u can get ur country back. Otherwise, TIBETANS will be forever losers. Sorry to say that.

  55. untomable

    October 25, 2017 at 1:12 am

    I think the Indian government was very kind to the Tibetans in India for the pass over 60 years, everyday i walk on the street, i saw many of the Indians people suffering or homeless, i think the protests is right!! Indian government now is the time to give back the love, kind, care and help their own people first , since the CTA never respect the India government .

  56. Dattu

    October 26, 2017 at 3:56 am

    This is disgusting to read. How dare the Tibetan leadership live under India and fool the world, faking to be democratic? To get fundings for their own pockets instead of developing their own people and creating new opportunities. This is very sad and I am sure the world is watching here and finding out all the dirty lies and corruption of CTA. Disgusting. I think your time is up CTA, you better stop all your nonsense or go back to Tibet, China.

    If you stay in India then abide by Indian law and stop causing problems. And Why on earth does raise your Tibetan flag when you say you want autonomy? If you wish for that then shouldn’t you raise the flag of China? I think your days of manipulation and lies are over CTA.

  57. J Freeman

    October 26, 2017 at 4:51 am

    There is NO REAL FREEDOM of SPEECH for us Tibetans living under the ruling of the CTA and Dalai Lama. The Tibetan communities in India all suffer this fate and we live in lies and deception of a FAKE DEMOCRACY.

    Just watch how Tibetans insult and backstab each other and would even dare insult people they do not know, calling them Chinese dogs/Chinese spies is the only thing they can say and the label they give you the moment you dare to speak up. This is done to shut you up and to indicate to other Tibetans to attack you because they make you sound like you are a traitor and this is how they get all to turn against you. This is how the Tibetan CTA deals with people they feel threatened. All because of power and position.

    However, there are a few brave Tibetans who basically had enough of their deception and begin to speak up, to tell the truth. A good example is Tenpa Yarphel who bravely stood up and talked about Nechung and the inconsistency and FAILED prophecies… also the ridiculous heavy reliance on him for everything. Where on earth do you ever see any government relying on “mystical Gods” to help them make state decisions? Even if they did, they would not dare tell anyone because this is 2017 not the medieval times. Just watch –

    Then you have the small-minded, sheep-like followers, shaving their hair – like WOW big deal, to protest against Tenpa Yarphel. Lololol

  58. Jamyang

    October 26, 2017 at 5:03 am

    I have Question to Tibetan exile government, Central Tibetan Administration – CTA: Hey this Geshe Dorje interprets Nechung’s prophecy saying the Dalai Lama will go back to Tibet five years ago, and that people are just “gonna die” from seeing His Holiness return, 🙄 but… well, Dalai Lama is still stuck in India and no where near going back at the rate CTA is irritating China. Just Watch…

    Not only that, there is still NO sign of even creating a good relationship for a chance to go back! So we Tibetans are all basically stuck and still nowhere near going back to Tibet. Yet the CTA does not like us to become Indian citizens but it is okay for Lobsang Sangay and his eh hmm darling Dhardon to have foreign passports?!?! How low can one get in cheating your own people, using them for your own benefit, using them to gain funds in the name of “refugee” and “Tibet Freedom”… how despicably low can one get… I guess CTA showing us how.

    And why on earth are we still listening to this spirit Nechung who is often not accurate, always makes mistakes and give wrong prophecies, make problems and divided Tibetans???

    Nechung even killed the 13th Dalai Lama by giving him the wrong medicine. So WHY are we still listening to him? Why are high lamas and Buddhist following what a spirit says? If we can follow Nechung spirit so why even condemn Dogyal? This is all so twisted, illogical and obviously political and weird and wrong!

    Something sure is smelly about CTA

  59. Dolma

    October 26, 2017 at 8:14 am

    CTA better pack your bags. This is the beginning of a serious issue coming for you.

  60. 李奥纳尔。扎西

    October 27, 2017 at 5:10 am

    其实看了那么多篇关于藏人行政中央的文章, 很多流亡藏人的问题都是源自于藏人行政中央。

    藏人行政中央每年收到的捐款无数, 不过怎么我们都没有看到流亡藏人有什么进步? 教育程度不高, 在国际社会眼中还是需要被帮助的人们。藏人行政中央不是应该要用这些捐款帮助他们吗? 我们看到的只是藏人行政中央里的高层得到利益, 有田有地, 还有美国欧洲护照。 如果藏人行政中央是标榜帮助流亡藏人, 你们不是应该要和流亡藏人同一阵线吗? 怎么还为自己留下后路, 如果在印度有什么问题随时可以去其他国家。 这些只是苦了流亡藏人, 无家可归。

    还有就是藏人行政中央一点都没有感恩心。 多年来是谁让流亡藏人有一个栖身之所? 是印度政府。 不过藏人行政中央有曾经回馈印度政府任何东西吗? 没有, 只是寄身虫, 一直向印度政府索取,没有任何贡献。

    我绝对支持印度政府驱逐流亡藏人。 给藏人行政中央一些颜色看看。

  61. ashrao

    October 29, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Unfortunately, the dream of Tibetan democracy is nothing but that. Look at this brave Tenpa Yarphel speaking up against the spirit Nechung ( He brings up a good point, the Tibetans rely more on a spirit than they do on democratic principles and their own intelligence and care for their own people.

    But these Tibetans themselves are so enamoured with the spirit that they protest against Tenpa Yarphel, lame protests, but protests nonetheless, like this man who cut off his hair ( I really don’t understand how this is a protest, but each to their own I guess.

    Personally, I don’t really think much of the Tibetans who follow their lame government. I’ve seen first-hand just how much the average Tibetan suffers under their current leadership and this just goes to show that their government is ineffective and schismatic. But one thing about this whole situation is somewhat promising, there is a silver lining, and that is the point was raised by a Tibetan MP within their parliament. He wouldn’t have done so if other people in the Tibetan community did not feel the same way. It is time for Tibetan to free themselves of a superstitious, money-grabbing, self-serving, and impotent government.

  62. Dawa Lhamo

    October 29, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Tibetan government are useless, they rely on Nechung

    Any you know what, their supporters even cut their hair off because they don’t agree with MP. This guy funny.

    What this going to change?

  63. ashrao

    October 29, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    The Tibetan government keep relying on Nechung for everything, though all his predictions and advice cause more damage than harm. Is it even wise to follow his advice, I mean he was wrong about His Holiness the Dalai Lama returning to Tibet in five years

    That was in 2009, we are now in 2017, which was 8 years ago. Is his advice really trust worthy? I wonder why the Tibetan government even continue to listen to him. Perhaps they get something out of it?

  64. Tashi Gonkatsang

    October 29, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    This ashrao posted this video:

    What he said is true. I couldn’t believe it at first, because I never heard my parents or relatives tell much such things before. But when I asked my uncle who is a monk, he told me it is true. He said that Nechung gave bad advice and has continued to give bad advice. My uncle said that even many of the monks and high lamas don’t even believe in anything Nechung says. Better to say no rather than listening to his advice from now on. My parents were shocked. They used to go and see Nechung oracle when they were in India, but luckily I was able to move them to the USA. Now we better off. I can’t believe that the government still listen to the Nechung.

  65. Hi I'm Lobsang Sangye I'm a liar

    October 29, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    It’s quite refreshing to have someone from the parliament speaking up and raising questions about the unjustness that’s been happening within its own “government”. Tenpa Yarphel is extremely brave to speak up like that, Tibetans HAVE TO WATCH IT! 👍

    1. Tibetan shaves off his hair in protest against MP Tenpa Yarphel 2017 Sept

    2. Tibetan Parliament member representing Kagyu School Ven. Tenpa Yarphel speaks against Nechung

    Then of course, we have some intelligent individuals such as Geshe Dorje himself, who just wants attention, talks big but does nothing else 🙄 :

  66. TseringD, Delhi

    October 29, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    I m think Nechung is one of d best when I m watch to dis video By Geshe Dorjee la but now I m think is not d truth n he is lie to Tibet people we are not back to Tibet yt Chithue Tenpa Yarphel la tq for talk about truth of Nechung . I m watch to this video many time la n after I hear you talk I m not belief to Nechung

  67. Why CTA Why

    October 30, 2017 at 5:08 am

    Watch Geshe Dorje interpret Nechung’s prophecies!

    After the Nechung oracle takes trance, his answers are interpreted and explained by Geshe Dorje, a Buddhist master from Nechung Monastery.

    Well, the video is from 2009 – so Nechung is wrong again! Who would rely on Nechung when all prophecies are wrong?? Someone with a hidden agenda maybe?!!

  68. Michaela Smith

    October 30, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Another proof that Nechung prophecy is not reliable. The Dalai Lama and the CTA should stop asking Nechung for advice as they are harmful and give people false hopes.

    Geshe Dorjee Youtube link:

  69. Namdrol

    October 30, 2017 at 7:45 am

    MP Tenpa Yarphel is very brave to questioned the validity and accuracy of the spirit Nechung who the Dalai Lama always consulted, apparently Nechung has been giving highly inaccurate prophecies, but people still keep using him because Dalai Lama keeps using him and nobody dare to say otherwise, although Nechung is full of mistake, no wonder Tibetans did not get back their country even after 60 years:

    Look at this guy’s way of protest against MP Tenpa Yarphel and you know why the Tibetans will never get back their country:

  70. Amber Sonam

    October 30, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Finally someone from the CTA is brave enough to speak up! CTA sure has a lot of dodgy business going on even it’s own MP cannot keep quiet anymore. Watch what is being said here

    Yet, those in denial continues to support the corruption within the CTA by shaving off his hair in protest against MP Tenpa Yarphel

    He is also supported by Geshe Dorje himself who is riding on the Nechung issue giving no concrete proof as usual

  71. Jimmy Smith

    October 30, 2017 at 8:14 am

    Nice to see someone speaking up about the false Nechung prophecies – Good for you Tenpa Yarphel

  72. Jigme

    October 30, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Tibetan people no happy with their life all becuase of our govertment. They make our live difficult, nobody like them. they eat our money. no education. no work. people laugh at us. stop all the lies.

  73. Anonymous

    November 1, 2017 at 11:04 am

  74. Vajra10

    November 11, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Hopeless 🤡CTA🤡.. ruined Tibetans’ lives and the harmony of other countries.. show no gratitude at all to their biggest donator INDIA, who provide free land and freedom for Tibetans to rebuild their community.😞👎

  75. Metok for Rangzen

    November 14, 2017 at 4:09 pm


    Dharamshala Tibetan Settlement Officer appeals for peace

    By Lobsang Wangyal
    McLEOD GANJ, India, 14 November 2017

    Sensing the momentum gathering around a mass demonstration in Dharamshala against Kashag’s continuous silence over its decision to sack Penpa Tsering as the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in North America, the Tibetan Settlement Officer in Dharamshala has issued an appeal to the people to maintain peace and harmony.

    Calls for a demonstration were made after the Kashag (Cabinet of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) ) refused to divulge details of the reason for expelling Representative Penpa Tsering.

    Kashag issued an announcement about the termination of Penpa Tsering’s duties through their website on 7 November, stating that he will end his duty on 30 November, and the current CTA Education Minister Ngodup Tsering will replace him.

    The Kashag stated “dereliction of duty” as the reason, and said that three warnings had been served, but that Penpa Tsering didn’t show any improvement in his conduct.

    The actual nature of the warnings was also not clear when the officiating President of the CTA convened a press conference on 9 November.

    Penpa Tsering on the other hand denied any wrongdoing.

    Settlement Officer Dawa Rinchen said in his appeal message that since Dharamshala being the seat of the Dalai Lama and of the Central Tibetan Administration, he urged people to respect the sanctity of the place.

    Speaking to Tibet Sun, Rinchen said that he envisaged a demonstration on the 27th of this month, but couldn’t have any estimate of its size.

    The 27th came to be the date for demonstration after an activist in NYC suggested it through his article published on Tibet Sun.

    He said, ”There’s so much talk and discussion about the issue and preparations for the protest. Many people are seen registering and others giving donations towards this event.”

    President of CTA Lobsang Sangay, who is on a European tour, spoke on 13 November about the issue in Norway, but he also refused to give details as to why Penpa Tsering was suspended.

    He said that it is the prerogative of the Kashag to appoint and terminate representatives and staff members of CTA. Kashag is not required to explain the reasons for their termination.

    Some Tibetans in the United States are saying they would stop paying the annual tax to CTA (record maintained through the “Green Book”), and people in New York are calling for a boycott of an event in New York on 10 December, the Tibetan Rally for Peace and Non-violence, which is to be attended by CTA President Lobsang Sangay and Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile Khenpo Sonam Tenphel. It is to be held at United Nations Plaza, led by North American Chithues and is organised by North American Tibetan Associations.

    However, Penpa Tsering has appealed in a video message to people in New York City and nearby areas to attend the event.



    Tibetan unity in peril: Call for massive street protest in Dharamshala

    By Mila Rangzen
    NEW YORK CITY, US, 11 November 2017

    Like most Tibetans, including those who voted for Sikyong Lobsang Sangay in the 2016 election, I am shocked by what Sikyong Lobsang Sangay did to former speaker Penpa Tsering — the Dalai Lama’s Chief Representative posted in Washington DC. He fired Penpa Tsering a few days ago for no reason other than political revenge.

    Penpa Tsering was Lobsang Sangay’s opponent in the 2016 Sikyong election, and a tough one at that. Penpa Tsering is the only Tibetan statesman who can stand up to Lobsang Sangay and speak the truth to his face for the good of our cause and our community as a whole.

    Stand up he did, in and outside the Parliament. With humility but firmly. Roughly twenty-eight thousand Tibetans in our small exile community voted for him.

    Recognizing Penpa Tsering’s capability, experience, and integrity, the Dalai Lama’s private office recommended Penpa Tsering as the right man for the Representative job. Sikyong had no choice but to relent. Also, to appear to be burying the election grudge and the regional hatchet, that was the best bet he had. No need to point out that Lobsang Sangay is a Khampa man and Penpa Tsering is an Amdo/U-Tsang man. Track the source of the conflict. It will help the reader understand the Tibetan domestic politics. To turn a blind eye because it makes you feel uncomfortable is, in fact, an endorsement for negative regionalism to continue.

    When the media asked for elaboration on why Sikyong fired him, the response from him and his subordinates was shocking. Sikyong, laughing sarcastically, avoided the question by telling the media to talk to the Cabinet Secretary. The secretary simply said Sikyong fired him because it is in his power to do so according to the exile charter. No specific reason was given.

    The Deputy Sikyong Youthok Karma Gelek responded, at an only 10-minute-long press conference, by saying that Sikyong had served three warning notices to Penpa Tsering to mend his ways in the past one year and that he was not respecting Sikyong. When pressed for what precisely wrong did Penpa Tsering do, Youthok became overbearing and left.

    CTA, where is the transparency?

    The Dalai Lama publicly rebuked both the candidates in Dharamshala in April 2016 for stirring regional tensions among the Tibetan community during the election. Both the candidates publicly apologized. And so, we believed the matter got settled there and then. Sangay even delivered tons of speeches on the importance of Tibetan unity.

    But to our dismay, Lobsang Sangay proved us wrong. The man is still in the election campaign mode despite being in office again for almost two years. This firing on unfounded grounds is an attempt to tarnish the image and reputation of Penpa Tsering. How vindictive can Sikyong get? This is absolutely unacceptable, and it also goes against the very teaching of the Dalai Lama.

    Penpa Tsering said on Voice of America that he was served only one warning notice, and that too without any explanation. Sikyong also denied Penpa Tsering his right to explain his position. Sangay revealed his actual colours. Also, the removal of Penpa Tsering from the office is a slap in Dalai Lama’s face, and a kick to the rear of the twenty-eight thousand Amdos and U-Tsangs who voted for him.

    What can we do now?
    When we think an issue is this important, we are left with no choice but a massive protest. Protesting can help raise public awareness and prevent a cheap political vendetta that can ruin the Tibetan unity thus far achieved.

    I call for the Tibetans to come out in thousands at Gangkyi on 27 November 2017 at 10 am sharp, and do the following.

    Picket by holding up large signs at the Cabinet building and demand detailed explanation for the firing of Penpa Tsering. Gather first at McLeod Ganj and march to Gangkyi, demanding the reinstatement of Penpa Tsering to the office. Hold a vigil at night in memory of Penpa Tsering’s dedication and service to our community. Do sit-ins at the Cabinet building lobby until the demand is met. Resist threats and violence with resolute non-violent action. Be the peace warriors!

    Organise a core group of U-Tsang Association and Amdo Association if the Cholsum Association fails to do so. Assign roles to members pertaining to media coverage, permits, equipment, safety, transport, signs, and placards.

    Gather as many people as you can to help out on the day. Remember to contact them the night before to remind them about the protest. Put the word out through emails, posters and flyers, local media, social media, word of mouth, and any other way you can.

    Organise speakers for they can inspire and educate the Tibetan public, but keep the speeches short and powerful.

    Thunder into the streets! Pound sense into the head of Sikyong! Lead by example, not by ego!


  76. Tenzin Ngawang

    November 17, 2017 at 8:39 am

    What a disaster!

    Growing public anger as Kashag reluctant to give clear statement on NA Rep. row

    DHARAMSHALA, Nov. 16: Following the announcement to relieve North America CTA mission representative and former Speaker Penpa Tsering from his position on Nov. 7, there has been a general sense of dissatisfaction among sections of the community with some even suggesting protests and boycott of events where President Sangay is scheduled to attend. 

    While the Kashag asserts that the issue was handled as per the binding rules and with rightful authority, the handling of the situation, many say, has rolled back on President Sangay’s campaign claims of transparency and unity. An official announcement and a press briefing by Kashag have not mentioned a clear reason for Penpa’s ousting other than vague reference to dereliction in his role there and hints at insubordination.

    Officiating President Ven. Karma Gelek Yuthok told the media last week that the Kashag need not give a clarification over the transfer or firing of any staff and that the issue is an “internal matter”.

    The growing impasse between the public and Kashag’s (cabinet) reluctance to give a clear explanation over the cause of Penpa’s ousting has escalated over the last week. A New York based individual going by the name of Mila Rangzen has called for a non-violent mass protest at the end of the month here in Dharamshala, prompting the settlement officer here to issue a public appeal, urging peace and order in the community. 

    Dharamshala settlement officer Dawa Rinchen told Phayul, “While I have no knowledge of when and how many people are going to hold a protest, my prerogative is to avoid any incidents here in Dharamshala where His Holiness the Dalai Lama resides where the CTA is based and subsequently where the eyes of the international community is transfixed on. Hence I appealed the public to maintain peace here.”

    Sporadic posts and videos on social media sites such as Facebook and WeChat expressed dissatisfaction over the handling of the situation calling for a transparent approach to the matter by President Sangay led Kashag. A Tibetan nitezen Tsering Chomphel wrote on Facebook, “I personally think transparency is the first rung of so called democracy ladder. In today’s world, we cannot and should not trust any individual or group blindly. If PT is innocent this time, he needs to speak out. It’s not about PT or Kashag. It’s about peoples trust. People will surely lose trust and interest in our politics if things are not made clear this time.” 

    Tsering Samdup, a Tibetan sweater seller, said that it would be inappropriate if the Kashag issues a clarification simply because some section of the community demands it. “The concerned individual here is Penpa Tsering and if he denies Kashag’s decision and seeks clarification then Kashag might be obliged to give one. Otherwise, there is no need to clarify.”

    Another nitezen opined that three advisory letter/directives were enough caution by the Kashag. Tenzin Kunkyab wrote, “He got fired after three written warning (three yellow cards) after that they pulled red card, I don’t see any wrong with that unless PT himself have some explanation.” Penpa Tsering however claimed he only received one letter prior to his termination letter and has maintained he is not at fault.

    Some people have even called for more dramatic action to boycott the ‘Solidarity with Tibet rally for peace and non-violence’ on 10th December in New York where President Sangay is scheduled to attend. Penpa Tsering, the outgoing representative urged Tibetans in North America to participate in the event with the broader sense of the Tibetan issue at mind and not divisive politics.

    Meanwhile the Tibetan President who is currently on an official visit to northern Europe indicated that the Kashag might not budge and give a clear-cut answer on the issue. He said that Penpa Tsering has accepted the Kashag’s decision to remove him from the Washington office and his cabinet’s decision to remove and appoint liaison officers abruptly, is neither unprecedented nor illegal. 

    The NA office remains the most crucial position in the hierarchy of outposts of the Tibetan polity. The new man in that seat, Education minister Ngodup Tsering today said he has gotten the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his new role in Washington.

    Citing Fatigue, Dalai Lama Appoints Personal Emissaries
    November 16, 2017 12:29 PM

    WASHINGTON — The Dalai Lama says he has appointed emissaries to attend international engagements or speak on his behalf indefinitely.

    Citing increasing physical fatigue, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader made the comments while meeting with a group of international youth leaders brought to Dharmsala, India, by the Washington-based Institute of Peace.

    “I’m 82 years old, and since last year [my] feeling of tiredness has been much increased,” he told the group during video-recorded meetings last week.

    Because he may not be able to maintain a regular international travel schedule, he said, the president of Tibet’s current government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay, along with prominent Buddhist scholar and former prime minister in exile, Samdong Rinpoche, would act as his official emissaries.

    These “trusted friends, they know my thinking,” he said. “Our work, continuously, should be more active [and internationally engaged], so in these two persons,” he said, pointing to Lobsang and Samdong, “I have full trust.”

    Looking to the dialogue moderator, USIP President Nancy Lindborg, the Dalai Lama said: “If your side … or your government’s side” has concerns, “then these two persons, either one, can participate as my representative or my personal emissary.”

    Penpa Tsering, representative for the Office of Tibet in Washington, which represents the Tibetan government-in-exile, downplayed the significance of the Dalai Lama’s statement.

    “I think this was more of a general statement,” he told VOA. “His holiness is sometimes too tired to travel, and his April visit to the United States has been suspended indefinitely, but he will continue to travel in India, and Europe is only a seven hour flight.”

    Adding that Lobsang’s presidential term is limited to five years, and the fact that Samdong has long served as a kind of unofficial deputy to the Dalai Lama, he said the November 6 comments do not represent a major diversion or change in Dharmsala’s official representation on the world stage.

    Symbol of Tibet
    However, Carole McGranahan, a University of Colorado anthropologist and historian of Tibet, says although prioritizing the Dalai Lama’s health requires a reduction in his international travel schedule, his physical absence from global engagements cannot be substituted via proxy.

    “So much of the goodwill and attention Tibet receives in the world is due to his holiness, and specifically due to his personal interactions with world leaders and with the large audiences he draws around the world. His deep wisdom, his humor and charisma, his serious attention to pressing world issues, and, of course, his model of compassion and leadership, make a deep impression on people,” she told VOA’s Tibetan Service via email.

    “For so much of the world, the Dalai Lama is the symbol of Tibet. Will his trusted emissaries be able to achieve the same effects? Of course not, as no one can truly stand in for the Dalai Lama,” she wrote. “They will be able to represent him, but no one can embody the message of Tibet as he does. His holiness’s stepping back from international travel will signal a new era of Tibetan diplomacy in the world.”

    Robert Barnett, director of the Modern Tibet Studies Program at Columbia University, says the decision may be a signal to Beijing.

    “Of course, there’s always the possibility that this move is intended as a post-19th Party Congress signal to Beijing of increased openness to a resumption of talks, or possibly even a response to a request from there,” he said. “It certainly should make Zhang Yijiong happier,” he added, referring to Communist Party’s Tibet working group chief, who told reporters on the sidelines of a party congress that there could be no excuses to meeting the Dalai Lama.

    “Except that it seems unlikely that warhorses of that type can ever be appeased,” Barnett said.

    In the United States, a California-based Tibetan monk named Tenzin Dhonden, who chairs the non-profit Friends of the Dalai Lama and was secretary of the Dalai Lama Trust, a charitable organization chaired by the Dalai Lama, has acted as a gatekeeper between the Dalai Lama and American philanthropists, scholars, celebrities and donors.

    Late last month, Dhonden, who falsely named himself Personal Emissary of Peace for the Dalai Lama in 2005, was suspended from the trust over corruption allegations.

    This story originated in VOA’s Tibetan Service. Pete Cobus contributed original reporting.

  77. Ngawang Wangchuk

    November 17, 2017 at 10:11 am

    China knows how welcome President Trump, but look at the CTA scenario of welcoming President Trump

  78. Ngawang Tharpa

    November 18, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Hey guess what new development CTA has for us…. check it out… do you like it? This is why we are so SUCCESSFUL! —-NOT

  79. Tsering

    November 23, 2017 at 9:29 am

    “Yes, in pacifism, we become rats. And when the rats get disoriented with fear they will attack the victim, not the perpetrator because it is safe and comfortable. We allow Khampas to use U-Tsangs to attack our own. Remember Yapchen Passang Tsewang attacked our hero Dawa Tsering with false allegations. Who can forget it?”


    NOVEMBER 22, 2017 (WILD JEPA)

    This is Tibetan domestic politics, not Tibet-China politics. So, keep the debate in context.

    Their modus operandi in silencing us is this:

    (1) Your criticism will create division within our community along regional lines. But when Khampas do it, either people claim it as their fundamental rights, or they will just ignore it. Shugden activists (99% are Khampas) talked shit about the Dalai Lama and CTA on youtube for years, and nobody lifted even a finger. Why this double standard? Why is it wrong for a non-Khampa Tibetan— who has not sold his soul to the Chinese— to blow a whistle?

    (2) This “division” will upset the Dalai Lama, and he will not live long. If something happens to him, then you are responsible. Don’t do it near the CTA and HH. You are a Shugden follower.

    (3) Such criticism will make our enemy glad and our brethren sad. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

    (4) We are an exile community and not an independent country so don’t copy the West. Shame on you!

    (5) If you want to criticize, do so to the Chinese. When you do, they tell you to do the Middle Way, not the Rangzen way!

    (6) Your freedom of speech hurts our unity. Stop comparing our society to others because we are refugees.

    (7) Your freedom of thought is disturbing the minds of our people and the peace in our community.

    (8) Your freedom of expression is a bad example to the Tibetan youth.

    (9) Freedom of speech has limits. Why are you doing the work of Chinese–our enemy? You are one brainwashed idiot.

    (10) You are hurting the Tibetan cause.

    (11) You are anti-Dalai Lama, anti-CTA, anti-Tibetan, anti-Gaden Phodrang, un-Tibetan, un-Buddhist, CCP agent

    (12) If you want to protest, then go to the Chinese embassy.

    (13) One scare tactic they use quite successfully is “The ghosts of regionalism from the 60s up to 90s will revisit our small community and the Dalai Lama will be upset.

    Bottom line is STF! Follow the Chota Supreme Leader! Follow him blindly!

    Their objective is to create fear, guilt, and shame in you, so you get paralyzed even to react, and that’s when they gain total control over you with ease. Our job is not to behave slavishly. No response can be more fitting than this! Their deflection tactic for criticism will fail!

    Anytime you criticize a Utsang leader, Khampas will tell you ” You are an honest upfront brave man!” But when you criticize a Khampa leader they will tell you,” I thought you were brave and honest, but you are not! You are rude! You are regional!

    Dear U-Tsangs, I understand it is not easy for you to come out of your deep slumber. For centuries, we practiced pacifism after having been inspired by Buddhism. But the price we pay for pacifism and meekness is the erosion of our pride, courage, unity, and determination. It is psychologically harmful to our children. No more nyamchung crap!

    Sing this new prayer with the same Tsemay younten tune, and you will get the message.

    Tsemay younten gyatsoe pel nga shing

    Nyamchung go la dho tar shak sha rey

    Jigten dodhang dhinday yin na

    Dhue nam yang khur thuppa mindhuk !

    When my nine-year-old son Gyakhab Rangzen asked me one day out of the blue “Daddy, why are our U-Tsang people so meek? “

    At first, I was taken aback at his observation. Regaining my composure, I told him “Son, we are not cowards. We had a central government, and so we abandoned tribalism for unity long ago. We are used to peace for long, and hence we forgot the art of war. And to protect our skin, we now do become selfish not realizing that it is harder to break a dozen arrows than one. Remember, we U-Tsangs once unified the whole of Tibet and conquered distant lands through war. We were warriors once. History is the witness. We can be warriors again”.

    He hugged me with his chest puffed up with pride and confidence. I will never forget that day because I was the happiest daddy and he was the proudest son in the whole world, and we both are hardcore U-Tsangs.

    Yes, in pacifism, we become rats. And when the rats get disoriented with fear they will attack the victim, not the perpetrator because it is safe and comfortable. We allow Khampas to use U-Tsangs to attack our own. Remember Yapchen Passang Tsewang attacked our hero Dawa Tsering with false allegations. Who can forget it?

    Tenpa Yarphel and his ilk bullied him for fifteen years over the Yongling school despite losing the battle legally many times. They also brought up false murder allegations against Penpa Tsering to bring him down to ensure the victory of their root guru Lobsang Sangay. What U-Tsang attacked Khampas so mercilessly with such hate and jealousy raging in their eyes in the past six decades? None.

    We respected them for their courage, straightforwardness, decisiveness, resoluteness and the help they render to their tribe. But what have we got back? Nothing but negative regionalism, intimidation, hatred, jealousy, bullying, exploitation, discrimination, insults, death threats, and assaults. Nothing but attacks after attacks!

    Now we begin to witness our patience has both depth and limit. Always remember, when a Khampa hurls outrageous allegations on a U-Tsang, our leadership is silent. But when a U-Tsang fights back, the administration goes reciting the mantra,

    “Om, Unity! Unity! Unity!”

    Call me names or do what you can, I will not budge an inch so should you not. Let the sky fall; I don’t give a damn. If regionalism and disunity are suffering–let both, not one–suffer!

    I will never ever abandon the death-bed advice that my father gave me long ago, “Even if you are reduced to a life of slums and misery, never sell your soul to the Red China who is responsible for the loss of our country and our dignity. Fight if you can as a Tibetan for nothing less than total independence. But if Khampa regionalism urinates on the head of U-Tsangs, then you should stand up first and fight as a hardcore U-Tsang! And lead others by example. When in international politics, play your Tibetan role: When in Tibetan domestic politics, play your U-Tsang role. ”

    Vow not to shove shit in to the mouth of a U-Tsang who served you butter and honey!

    Vow not to kiss the ass of a Khampa who urinated on your head!

    If you stick to these two vows then you are a U-Tsang who will earn the respect and votes of all other U-Tsangs.

    Don’t forget November 27, 2017 Monday 10 am sharp!

    Blast the Kashag building with slogans !

    P.S. If you know of corruption or injustice at high levels and if you have facts, evidence, photos, audio, videos, contact me–the Tibetan WikiLeaks at [email protected]

  80. Preeti

    November 25, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Pro-Dalai Lama are always rude even to their host, the Indians. Look how they talk to this eminent doctor

  81. Rakesh Chandra

    November 25, 2017 at 6:40 am

    The Tibetans only cares about themselves and angersome

  82. Badrapa

    November 25, 2017 at 7:49 am

    😧 Whole Nepal say Buddha born in Nepal, but DL says this is nonsense. DL lied and this is very shameful.


  83. Amber Sonam

    November 25, 2017 at 8:11 am

    This Nepali woman is not unhappy with the Dalai Lama. Listen to her here बुद्ध भारतमा जन्मेका हुन भन्ने दलाइ लामालार्इ बेलायतबाट इशा गुरुङले दिइन कडा जवाफ The whole world respected the Dalai Lama but not anymore. He has gone mental and is total wrong. People donated thousands of dollars and kept the Dalai Lama’s pictures in temples and houses and had great respect. But now no more. Dalai Lama has upset people all over the world and should be very careful what he says in the future.

  84. Tibetans Go Back

    November 25, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Have you seen these?

  85. Tibetans Go Back

    November 25, 2017 at 8:52 am

    Tibetans should really know what the Dalai Lama wants.

  86. Ngodup Tsering

    November 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Penpa Tsering is sacked and now maybe Dhardon wants his cushy job in USA. So she has to be nice to her big boss Sikyong to get this job.

  87. Amdo Shapale

    November 28, 2017 at 12:09 am

    This Kalon who visited Jonang Temple, my question is will you visit a Dorje Shugden temple?

    Chorig Kalon Attends Special Conference on Jonang Tradition

    November 25, 2017
    Published By Jamphel Shonu

    DHARAMSHALA: Ven Karma Gelek Yuthok, Kalon of the Department of Religion and Culture, Central Tibetan Administration, today attended a special conference on the evolution of Jonang tradition and its present status at Duekhor Monastery near Norbulingka institute. The conference was organised by Jonang wellbeing Association.

    The chief guests at the conference were Kalon Karma Gelek Yuthok and Gyalwang Gyaltsab Rinpoche. Other guests at the conference include settlement officer Dawa Rinchen and representatives from non governmental organisations.

    Kalon Karma Gelek Yuhtok also inaugurated a compilation book of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s speeches and teachings published by the Jonang Wellbeing association.

    Tsangyang Gyatso, President of Jonang wellbeing Association, explained that the objective of the Special conference was to revive and spread awareness about the Jonang school of Tibetan Buddhism, and to acquire equal religious status as other schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

  88. Ngodup Tsering

    November 29, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    The Dalai Lama said that he cannot change his religion to enter into the Hindu temple. He wants to visit the Hindu temple, but he cannot change his religion. Only those of Hindu faith can enter this temple. He tried to enter by saying indirectly make an exception. But the Hindu priest said no. Even for the Dalai Lama, a big celebrity, the rules cannot be changed. It would have been nice if the priest did change the rules because the temple is to be visited by all and blessings are for everyone.

    Similarly, Dorje Shugden people cannot change their religion so they cannot enter the Dalai Lama’s temple. So the situation is exactly the same. It would be nice if the Dalai Lama himself can change his rules too.

    Ngodup Tsering

    Dalai: Why Puri temple doors shut for non-Hindus?
    Minati Singha| TNN | Updated: Nov 22, 2017, 02:35 IST
    BHUBANESWAR: Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on Tuesday questioned the practice of not allowing non-Hindus inside the Puri Jagannath Temple premises while criticising the Christian missionaries for trying to convert people of other faiths.
    “During my last visit to Odisha in 2010, I wished to go to the Jagannath Temple in Puri. I have a practice of visiting holy places wherever I go. I go to local places of worship like churches, gurdwaras, Hindu temples, Buddhist temples and mosques. I have made pilgrimages to Jerusalem (the holy city of the Jewish), the Syrian Christian Church and the Muslim sacred rock,” the Dalai Lama told TOI in an interview on Tuesday. He was responding to a question on the state’s unique Jagannath culture.
    The Dalai Lama, who is here on a two-day visit, said he cannot change his religion to enter the Jagannath Temple. “When I wanted to enter the Jagannath Temple in Puri, they said only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. So, in order to make a pilgrimage to the Jagannath Temple, I have to become a Hindu, which is very difficult,” said the Nobel laureate.
    The Dalai Lama also questioned conversions by Christian missionaries. “I never say Buddhism is the best religion. I never try to promote it in non-Buddhist countries and in Christian countries like Europe and America. I admire Christian brothers and sisters but don’t like it when they try to convert people. Being secular, like India, is a very practical and wonderful approach,” he said.
    Reacting to the Dalai Lama’s comment, Jagannath Temple priests said not allowing non-Hindus inside t is an age-old tradition. “Non-Hindus have not been allowed into the temple for centuries and the rule cannot be changed,” said Ramkrushna Das Mohapatra, president of the Daita Pati Nijog (an association of priests).

  89. Ngodup Tsering

    November 29, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Picture caption:

    Sign in Sarnath that barred Shugden practitioners from a Gelug Monastery

    What the Dalai Lama said:

    “When I wanted to enter the Jagannath Temple in Puri, they said only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. So, in order to make a pilgrimage to the Jagannath Temple, I have to become a Hindu, which is very difficult,” said the Dalai Lama ~ ya we knew that long ago

  90. Ngodup Tsering

    November 29, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Picture caption:

    A Gelug monastery in Sarnath bans Shugden practitioners from their monastery and teachings

    What the Dalai Lama said:

    “When I wanted to enter the Jagannath Temple in Puri, they said only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. So, in order to make a pilgrimage to the Jagannath Temple, I have to become a Hindu, which is very difficult,” said the Dalai Lama ~ ya we knew that long ago”

  91. Tashi Dolma

    December 6, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    Finally it is apparent to the public the main reason why His Holiness recently appointed the former sikyong, Samdhong Rinpoche, as his personal emissary. Unlike the current sikyong, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, who is unable to build any rapport whatsoever with China, Samdhong Rinpoche’s term as Sikyong was marked by no less than nine rounds of negotiation with China. Not long after Samdhong Rinpoche recent appointment as His Holiness’s personal emissary, he was able to convince China to go back to the negotiation table. Samdhong Rinpoche’s visit to China also shows that the Dalai Lama is serious about wanting to go back to China.

    Tashi Dolma

    Dalai Lama’s Envoy Samdhong Rinpoche Discreetly Visited China
    In one of the hottest news unfolding recently is that His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s personal emissary, the former Prime Minister of Tibetan government in Exile, His Eminence the Samdhong Rinpoche is being said to have made a discreet visit to China! Besides the discussions going on in the Social media, an article in a major online media suggests the same.
    “In a rapidly-unfolding development, the Dalai Lama may have sent his envoy Samdong on a discreet visit to Kunming (China). Samdong’s visit, starting from mid November, must have been facilitated by no less than You Quan – newly-appointed head of the United Front Work Department that overseas Tibetan affairs. Quan, who formerly served as party secretary of Fujian, is a close associate of President Xi. He had earlier successfully dealt with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan’s business communities.” suggested the report in The Wire.
    However, there are no any official information available about the visit. The article which titled as ‘The Dalai Lama Wants to Return Home’ suggested that the Dalai Lama appointing the emissaries and lessened foreign visits recently have significantly pleased China.
    “Appointing personal emissaries satisfies China. Beijing has been emphatically asking Dalai Lama to stop travelling to Western capitals, if talks are to be resumed. At the 19th party congress, the Tibet Work Forum chief told reporters that international figures have no excuse for meeting with the Dalai Lama. Recently, the Dalai Lama even had to abort his planned visit to Botswana, citing physical “exhaustion”.” added the report.
    Besides the article also suggested the while the former prime minister’s visit to China meant the working at the Five year’s plan to resolve the Tibet issue while the incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Sangay’s foreign visit during the same period meant the forming of sustaining the for the next fifty years if the need be for the struggle. This discusses about the Five-Fifty policy being endorsed by the Tibetan Administration.
    The article also noted that there is some hope in this juncture over the dialogue in view of the fact that the Chinese President Xi is reportedly known for having a soft side for Tibet while His Holiness himself has called President Xi has being open minded and a realist leader. However, the facts are yet to be seen and the past is very bitter as far as the dialogues despite having held more than ten rounds of talks having held between the two!

  92. Chering Dorje

    December 6, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    The Dalai Lama has been steadily losing international support as China continues to rise as a world power. No country dares to receive the Dalai Lama officially. Although the Dalai Lama’s statement of not seeking independence and wants autonomy within China is not new, his statement that “he would return to Tibet at once, if China agrees” may be a clue that the Dalai Lama have been pressured to seize the opportunity before the window for a deal closes a few years from now. See the article below:
    The Dalai Lama Wants to Return Home
    BY P. STOBDAN ON 04/12/2017
    Is India bracing for the potential fallout?
    The impact of the 19th Communist Party of China congress and affirmation of President Xi Jinping as China’s ‘most powerful’ leader in decades seems already to be having a bearing on India – especially on the ‘Tibet Issue’ that deeply intersects with the boundary problem. Is India bracing for the potential fallout?
    There may be more to the Dalai Lama’s desire to return home than meets the eye. The Tibetan leader’s November 23 statement – “The past is past, Tibetans want to stay with China” – carries a serious political overtone, coming as it does immediately after the 19th party congress and the Doklam standoff between India and China.
    The Dalai Lama’s statement that he is “not seeking independence for Tibet and wishing to stay with China” is not new; however, his declaration that “he would return to Tibet at once, if China agrees” has sparked fresh speculation of a possible rapprochement with Beijing.
    The sign of rapid thawing strangely comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Beijing. Most likely, Trump wouldn’t have made Tibet a pressure point in his dealings with Beijing; rather he would have dumped the Dalai Lama (whom the US fostered for over half a century) on the altar of a better trade deal and for securing China’s commitment to exert more pressure on North Korea. During the trip US officials made to Dharamshala prior to Trump’s visit, this prospect would probably have been discussed.
    The inevitability of this change was clear when the US had started faltering on Tibet even earlier, when Barack Obama had to welcome the Dalai Lama through the back door of the White House, signalling Washington’s inability to withstand Beijing’s pressure.
    Trump was not even inclined to embrace the issue, as he refused to meet the Tibetan leader and instead proposed zero aid in 2018 to the Tibetans, reversing the decades-old American policy. The State Department has also not appointed a special coordinator for Tibet.
    Surely it couldn’t have been a coincidence that a week after Trump’s China visit, the Dalai Lama abruptly selected two personal emissaries (for an indefinite period) to represent him in all ‘global engagements’. He has cited increasing physical fatigue, but the decision to appoint two “trusted friends” – former ‘prime minister-in-exile‘ Samdong Rinpoche and current president of the ‘government in exile’, Lobsang Sangay – was meant to send a calibrated signal to China.
    Anyway, the Dalai Lama has been working on a new plan – 5/50 vision – that envisaged a five-year strategy for returning to dialogue with China, but preparing for a 50-year struggle if needed – along the “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” proverb. The 5/50 strategy reaffirmed his middle way approach (Umaylam) as a realistic political means of realising the dual aim of his early return to Tibet and fulfilling the aspirations of the Tibetan people.
    Appointing personal emissaries satisfies China. Beijing has been emphatically asking the Dalai Lama to stop travelling to Western capitals, if talks are to be resumed. At the 19th party congress, the Tibet Work Forum chief told reporters that international figures have no excuse for meeting with the Dalai Lama. Recently, the Dalai Lama even had to abort his planned visit to Botswana, citing physical “exhaustion”.
    Within this rapidly-unfolding scenario, the Dalai Lama appears to have sent Samdong on a discreet visit to Kunming (China). Samdong’s visit, starting from mid November, must have been facilitated by no less than You Quan – newly-appointed head of the United Front Work Department that overseas Tibetan affairs. You Quan, who formerly served as party secretary of Fujian, is a close associate of President Xi. He had earlier successfully dealt with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan’s business communities.
    Clearly, Samdong’s visit forms part of the first five-year plan to engage with China, while Lobsang Sangay’s 17-day tour to Europe and Canada is meant to sustain the struggle for the next 50 years, if the first plan fails.
    Will the talks succeed now? In the past, Chinese leaders stymied the Dalai Lama’s desire to return to Tibet. But there is a distinct possibility that it may bear fruit this time.
    First, Xi, widely known to have a soft spot for Tibet, hitherto kept his own approach close to his chest, fearing resistance from hardliners. Unlike others, he held the view that the prospects for solving the Tibet problem would peter out once the Dalai Lama is no more. Xi now finds himself in a perfect position to resolve the issue as no other Chinese leader could do in the past, for he also stands to gain personally both in political and moral terms, to become the most credible leader in China’s history.
    Second, the Dalai Lama too long hoped for Xi to change tack, as he hailed him as “realist” and “open-minded” in contrast to his predecessors. In fact, the Tibetan leader has admitted to having received positive signals from top Chinese officials, especially from the moderate elements as streams of Han Chinese flocked to meet him during Xi’s first term. In May this year, the party was shocked to find their own party members clandestinely funding the Dalai Lama.
    But, most critically, Tibetans living inside Tibet may have pressured the Dalai Lama to seize the opportunity and resolve differences during Xi’s second term, before the window for a deal closes a few years from now.
    With time running out fast, the Dalai Lama can be anything but hopeful. He has been steadily losing international support in the face of China’s rise as a world power. No longer does any country dare to receive the Dalai Lama officially.
    Apart from his own ageing, the Tibetan leader faces the challenge of keeping his flock together. For example, the delay in reaching a solution causes anxiety, uncertainty and division among his people. Even inside Tibet, rising frustration and hopelessness have been highlighted by people resorting to self-immolation. The number stands at 149 so far.
    And so, in what must be an embarrassing climb-down for the exiled Tibetan leaders, all they can do now is settle for the cause of “development”, besides hoping that the Chinese will not resort to repression of the Tibetan people.
    Therefore, in a way, we are likely witness the curtains finally being drawn on Tibet’s quest for an independent state. Tim Johnson knew this when he aptly titled his book Tragedy in Crimson: How the Dalai Lama Conquered the World but Lost the Battle with China.
    And finally, for India, the question is whether New Delhi has any role to play in this rapidly-evolving scene, and if so under what political parameters. There is no sign of anyone having even considered the impact of this. But to be cautious, any Sino-Tibetan deal would seriously risk undercutting India’s position on the boundary dispute with China.
    Seemingly fretful about impending developments, the Dalai Lama now finds himself walking a political tightrope by espousing reconciliation between India and China, “living peacefully by putting the differences aside”. He maintained a hands-off position and tried not to get drawn even into the Doklam standoff – instead calling for a peaceful solution. One hopes he is successful this time.
    P. Stobdan, a former Indian ambassador, specialises in Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Uighur affairs.

  93. Tashi Dolma

    December 6, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Instead of working for the benefit of the Tibetan refugees in exile, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is hit with scandal after scandal. The issues related to Penpa Tsering’s dismissal as the North American Representative based in the Washington DC could have been better managed if Sikyong Lobsang Sangay had launched a proper investigation into Penpa Tsering misconduct and obtained the related confirmation and evidence prior to dismissing him. Now, Penpa Tsering had nothing more to lose, and his only concern is to clear his name.

    On the positive side, it is good that Penpa Tsering came up with various refutation of the CTA’s claims regarding his performance. The public, the Tibetan refugees and the donors and sponsors need to know about the real truth of how the CTA operates, so they can make an informed decision as to whether they would like to continue their support for the CTA.

    Tashi Dolma

    Penpa Tsering challenges Cabinet to prove charges against him
    By Lobsang Wangyal
    McLEOD GANJ, India, 6 December 2017
    Penpa Tsering responded Tuesday to the Cabinet’s charges against him regarding his termination from the post of Representative of the Dalai Lama in North America. He presented a 97-page document which contained arguments refuting each point, and claimed that the charges were intended to blacken his reputation.
    He challenged the Cabinet to prove their allegations with documentation, and said that failing to respond, he will take further action.
    “I am a human being. I have family and friends. Even they will be dragged down because of the charges against me. I will not let this issue go scot-free,” Penpa Tsering said during a press conference that took more than three hours.
    He said that he didn’t start the fire, and that the current commotion in the Tibetan community was a result of the actions of the Cabinet of the Central Tibetan Administration led by its President Lobsang Sangay.
    He repeated his previous statements that although he did not accept the Cabinet’s accusations, he did accept the termination order, as it was the Cabinet’s prerogative to terminate the services of the Representatives.
    Penpa Tsering said that Sangay initially approached him for an appointment as the Representative in Belgium, a post the liaises with the European Union. But later, he was told that he has been appointed the North American Representative based in Washington DC.
    He felt there was a fissure even before going to DC to take over the position. He said that he met with Sangay in Delhi to seek his guidance, particularly to follow up on any CTA funding intiatives. Previous Representatives had the responsibility to manage the US government funds provided through the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). He felt that Sangay disconnected him from these responsibilities, signalling a lack of trust right from the beginning.
    The 10 points and rebuttals
    The Cabinet issued a 10-point clarification on 18 November of the reasons for Penpa Tsering’s termination on 7 November. Penpa Tsering said that the ten points were forced to create some reasons for his dismissal.
    The first point was an introduction stating that there was a growing trust deficit, under-performance, and insubordination. A few days before issuing the 10-point document, the Kashag said that three warnings were served, but Penpa said that he received only one.
    With regard to point two, which accused him of not submitting any formal reports, he said an order had been issued by the Department of Information and International Relations of the CTA to submit reports only on 20 April 2017. He showed documentation proof to that. He further said that the accusation that no reports were sent during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the US was in early April, prior to the DIIR’s letter.
    Point three cited as a case of insubordination, his announcement of Kunga Tashi as Chinese Liaison Officer in New York, and he said this lacked any truth. “I didn’t announce him as an appointee. I told the people of New York that approval has been sought from the Cabinet, once approved he will be appointed.”
    “I have made this clear through the DIIR, and when they got the picture clear, I never got any further inquiries about that.”
    Point four concerned “not following DIIR’s mandatory standing order” and not reporting “Dholgyal-related activities.” He said that the welcome rally by some Dholgyal followers to Xi Jinping had been reported to the Secretary of the Department of Security of the CTA, and further, that the accusation of not following DIIR’s order to send reports was after the event, as Xi was in the US in early April, and DIIR sent the order to all the Representatives on 20 April.
    The juxtaposition of the Dholgyal’s welcome to Xi in April and the Dalai Lama’s visit to the US in June are precarious, and raises the question of the coorelation of the two events. “It feels like a design to look for faults in order to terminate me had already been happening.”
    The fifth point accused Penpa Tsering of being “unable to schedule any such meetings for Sikyong” with Speaker of the House, or the Majority Leader of the Senate, or even with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
    To this, Penpa Tsering stated that the documents would speak for themselves. He showed several documents to prove that he contacted and tried to schedule meetings, but because of scheduling conflicts of the US leaders, no meetings materialised. “We had short notice of Sikyong’s visit, and we were unable to resolve schedule conflicts. Would it be right to blame me for these things which are out of my control.”
    He questioned how many of his predecessors from 2011 had scheduled meetings of Sangay with US leaders. “Have they been warned about not arranging meetings?”
    Challenging the accusation of “negligence raising funds” in point six of the Cabinet’s reason, Penpa Tsering said that there was a new Donald Trump administration, and many new contacts to be made. But despite that, his requests to State and Foreign Operations ranking members helped to get continued funding assistance for Tibetans from the US government.
    To point seven, the “closure of five bank accounts” of the Office of Tibet in Washington, Penpa Tsering said that due to political reasons, CitiBank announced the closure of the five accounts. “There wasn’t anything we could do about the closure.”
    “We informed the DIIR Secretary, and acted promptly as per Sikyong’s order to disperse funds to other Offices of Tibet. Sikyong’s claim that a huge loss in tax had occurred was a lie, as there wasn’t any loss in tax. The closure was not due to my negligence. The closure notice came all of a sudden for political reasons.”
    He further added that Sikyong was misinforming the public, and providing incomplete information and twisting the facts.
    Regarding the 1.5-million-dollar issue raised in point eight, which stated “the amount was not a loan”, but an amount that Tibet Fund had contributed and did not expect to be paid back, Penpa Tsering said that the accounting of Tibet Fund shows the amount as a loan every year.
    The Office of Tibet building was purchased for 2.6 million dollars in August 2014, with a contribution of 1.3 million dollars from Ganden Phodrang and a 1.5-million-dollar loan from Tibet Fund.
    Penpa Tsering said that Tibet Fund continued to show 1.5 million as a loan, but there wasn’t any documentation showing that the Office of Tibet is liable for repayment of the loan.
    During the audit of the accounts of the Office of Tibet, Penpa Tsering asked the auditor how best to solve this issue so that there would not be a problem in the future. The auditor told him that he would ask his senior in Dharamshala about finding a solution.
    However, the matter appeared in the audit report. Sikyong then summoned the Auditor General twice for showing the issue in the audit report. Penpa Tsering was charged by Sikyong for instigating the auditor to mention the loan issue in the audit report, failing which he would not sign the report. “I never thought it would become an issue. I was only trying to find a solution. The charge that I will not sign the audit report if the issue was not mentioned was a lie. The auditor could be asked, and what I said to the auditor could be asked to all the staff members of the Office of Tibet.”
    “If raising such an issue was seen as insubordination, then why should there be meetings? If we are not able to raise issues and are to just follow orders, wouldn’t that be an autocracy, not a democracy?”
    Concerning point nine, Penpa Tsering accepted that he had a long chat one evening with Dhardon Sharling, the DIIR Secretary, but denied the Cabinet’s charge that “he tried hard to convince a female Kalon nominee against working with Sikyong.”
    He said, “all those present should be asked about what he had said during the gathering.”
    The tenth point was a summary of the firing of Penpa Tsering and of providing for his replacement.

  94. Thamchod Nyingma

    January 13, 2018 at 9:17 am

    China’s economic prowess is not to be underestimated. Leaders from various countries seek economic collaborations with China, who has been contributing to the world’s economic growth, especially in the past decade. The Indian Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) report highlighted the lack of opportunities in India for growth and advancement as the causes for Tibetan youth to willingly betray their host India and work as spies for China. Tibetan youth clearly have difficulties to survive in India as CTA failed to create sufficient jobs for the Tibetans in exile. This is a reality and we will see more and more trend like this and eventually Tibetans seeking improvement in their quality of life and intellectual advancement will leave India and ‘return’ to China.

    China recruiting “disgruntled” Tibetan refugees to spy on India: Intelligence Bureau
    Friday, January 05, 2018 19:56
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 5: Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reportedly said that China is recruiting Tibetan refugee youth in the Northeastern parts of India to provide strategic information in exchange for monetary gains.
    The IB, India’s internal intelligence agency, has issued a string of alerts that China is approaching Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India to provide strategic information about the area.
    According to The Print, a comprehensive report submitted to the central government will include how China had been targeting “disgruntled Tibetan refugees” in the region for the past two years and how many of the recruits have already left for China.
    An unnamed source from the IB was cited as saying “young Tibetan refugees” from Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India have been recruited as spies. “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information,” the source told The Print.
    The same source also described the newer generations of Tibetans to be “volatile and vulnerable” whose desperation caused by unemployment and wish for a good lifestyle is tapped by China who assure money as well as job and education for their kids. 
    In addition to the report to be sent to Ministry of home affairs, the local police in the north east states have also been notified of the threat and may result in “scrutiny of Tibetan refugees” there soon.
    There are five Tibetan refugee settlements in the Northeast India; Choepheling- Miao, Dhargyeling –Tezu, Tenzigang- Bomdila and Tuting-Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh and Kunphenling- Ravangla in Sikkim as well as smaller pockets of Tibetans in Sonada and Darjeeling area overseen by the exile Tibetan government here in Dharamshala, known as the Central Tibetan Administration.

  95. Dekyi Wangmo

    January 13, 2018 at 10:54 am

    Instead of creating employment opportunities, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has nurtured a culture where Tibetans expect handouts and foreign aids to get by. As a result, they created a new generation of Tibetan refugees who are volatile and vulnerable, and always depend on others to help them out of circumstances. Now, Tibetan refugees in India do not even hesitate to compromise the security of their host country, India, who has been so kind to them, in exchange for monetary gain.

    China luring Tibetan refugees in India to work as its spies, Intelligence Bureau warns
    ANANYA BHARDWAJ | 5 January, 2018
    IB issues alert that many refugees settled in northeast India are being paid and offered jobs by China in exchange for strategic information.
    New Delhi: Amid rising India-China tensions along the Line of Actual Control, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has issued a string of alerts warning that Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India are being approached by China to provide strategic information about the area.
    While China has reportedly managed to convince a number of young Tibetan refugees to work as its spies in exchange for money, it is aiming to recruit many more, IB sources told ThePrint.
    According to the alert, based on which a detailed report will soon be submitted to the government, China had been eyeing disgruntled Tibetan refugees in the region for the past two years. Sources said that many of the refugees it has recruited have already left for China.
    “We received an alert stating that young Tibetan refugees settled in areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India are moving to China. We learnt that China is trying to recruit the refugees as spies in the area,” a source said. 
    “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information.”
    The local police in the concerned states have also been sounded out about the alert. A report is being prepared and will be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, following which a scrutiny of Tibetan refugees in the area may start.
    “The present generation of Tibetan refugees is very volatile and vulnerable. While they wish to have a good lifestyle, they do not have any job opportunities. This is what the Chinese took advantage of to plant their spies,” the source said.
    “The Chinese reportedly not only promise them good money in exchange for information, but also a good job and education for their children in China. However, it is still not known as to how many refugees the Chinese have been able to mobilise.”
    Asked about the IB alert, a Home ministry official said: “It may be a possibility. We will look into it.”

  96. Yodon chela

    January 18, 2018 at 11:03 am

    China has been liberal towards Buddhist practitioners, including those who are practicing Shugden deity. In fact, there are 250 million Buddhists in China currently, almost three times more than communist party members. On the contrary, the Tibetan leadership in exile continues to discriminate against Shugden practitioners and politicizes the Shugden controversy to their benefit instead of promoting harmony among Buddhist practitioners. How ironic that the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) continuously criticizes China for their human rights issue, and yet the CTA fails to respect even the most basic human rights of other people, freedom of religion.

    Three times as many Buddhists as Communists in China: Dalai Lama’s Tibet wish may require rapprochement with former adversaries
    01/16/2018 07:27 am ET
    By: Martin Desai, Contributor
    Journalist and financial investigator
    Whilst China technically remains a communist country, it has over the last two or three decades relaxed draconian Mao-era rules, for example by opening the door to private sector capitalism and by allowing individuals to practice a religion of their choice, so long as it is not to be perceived as a potential threat to the stability of the state or of the Communist Party.
    There are now almost three times as many Buddhists in China as there are Party members. An official communiqué released in July this year estimated the membership of the Communist Party of China at just under 90 million. Meanwhile, the State Bureau of Religious Affairs estimates there are some 250 million Buddhists in China, more or less evenly split between Tibetan Buddhism and Han Buddhism, and 200,000 registered Buddhist monks.
    Chinese authorities monitor religious adherence closely, and are extremely sensitive to any challenge, real or imagined, that certain religions may represent. While the Chinese regime’s approach to Buddhism has been liberal – for example, no bans have been issued and open religious expression is permitted – it clearly takes the religion’s influence seriously, given its importance in Chinese society.
    Above all the regime fears religious divisions or unrest, as evidenced by the swift outlawing of the Falun Gong movement and imprisonment of its leaders after a series of demonstrations by Falun Gong members prompted fears that the group’s swelling support could one day rival the Party. The regime is also acutely sensitive to the possibility of what it sees as external interference – especially on the delicate subject of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism.
    A particularly divisive issue for the Buddhist community, both within Tibet and abroad is the devotion to the Dorje Shugden deity, a 400-year old practice that began in the 17th century and has become a major practice in Tibetan Buddhism. Critics of Shugden devotion say worship of the deity promotes divisions among the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, all of which share the same fundamental philosophy, and whose differences lie in their interpretation of the extensive collection of Buddhist scriptures and the emphasis they place on various aspects of Buddhist philosophy.
    At the origin of the controversy lie a number of ambiguous declarations from the current (14th) Dalai Lama. On the one hand, he has appealed for non-sectarian cooperation among all branches of Tibet’s religions. However, he has also effectively excluded Shugden practitioners from such cooperation despite once regarding Dorje Shugden as an enlightened being and authoring one of the most popular liturgies to this deity. Some Shugden devotees have claimed that these ambiguous declarations amount to a de facto ban on their practice and this exclusion is tantamount to being exiled in their own communities. The Shugden de facto exclusion has already existed for two decades since it was initiated by the current Dalai Lama and has slowly stirred disunity in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China and among the exiled Tibetan communities.
    In 2014 the Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet, which is chaired by the actor Richard Gere, said it had obtained a ‘directive’ from the Communist Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in China in February 2014 whose title translates as, “Some opinions on dealing correctly with the ‘Gyalchen Shugden’ issue”[1].
    The International Campaign for Tibet’s evaluation of the directive accuses China of seeking to gain a political advantage from the controversy. Entitled “China’s new directive on (the) controversial Shugden spirit in Tibet in (a) further bid to discredit Dalai Lama”[2], even the title of the critique dispels any expectation of objectivity.
    While the Chinese position is that the authorities are aiming to guarantee the right of all Tibetans to choose who and how they worship, the directive issued by the Communist Party Committee of TAR is couched in rather divisive language. It calls the Shugden controversy “an important front in our struggle with the Dalai clique” and “a deceitful ploy by the 14th Dalai’s clique to split the country…”
    The Chinese directive was made in response to the de facto religious ban implemented by the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in Exile, and to their suspected destabilizing activities inside the TAR. The directive proposes educational and law enforcement measures to be implemented inside the TAR to mitigate the risk of division and unrest that the controversy may cause. Tashi Tadchen, a representative of the European Dorje Shugden Society which was set up to create awareness of the supposed ban, says that following the exiled Tibetan leadership’s edict against the Shugden practice, there have been frequent clashes which at times have led to loss of lives between those who feel obliged to follow the Dalai Lama’s decree and adherents of the Shugden practice.
    The directive mirrors Chinese fear of discord within Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general. What it does not do, despite the International Campaign for Tibet’s claims, is take a specific position on Shugden devotion outside the TAR. In spite of the content of the directive, the Exiled Tibetan Government and related NGOs around the World have repeatedly used it as evidence to attest that Shugden practitioners are “spies of the Chinese Communist Party.”
    A late 2015 report from the news agency Reuters looking into the Shugden controversy relied heavily on the Communist Party Committee of TAR directive, and especially the International Campaign for Tibet’s interpretation of it, as solid evidence that China is financing various Shugden groups in the West, in particular the International Shugden Community (ISC) which has seen strong support from individual members of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and Tibetans living in the West. The NKT has meditation centres around the world and has been vocal in its public opposition to the Dalai Lama’s position.
    Even so, no concrete evidence has ever been supplied. However, whilst the intended objective is unclear, the Dalai Lama’s Shugden exclusion has created unrest amongst Tibetans inside the TAR. This is precisely what China fears. China sustains a “One China” policy to maintain stability and prosperity of the state. Any divisive conflict in the TAR such as the Shugden split, does not augur well for it’s objectives. This is not an objective the exile Tibetan Government necessarily shares and its ability to influence affairs in the TAR is one of it key bargaining chips.
    What we have, in effect, is both sides calling for unity while at the same time continuing to bicker. The Communist Party of TAR has certainly sought to politicise the rift, as the Dalai Lama and his supporters also appear to have done. The Dalai Lama’s comments have served to alienate Shugden devotees from other Tibetan Buddhists, and are somewhat jarring when considered alongside his calls for unity in the Tibetan diaspora. Shugden adherents have insisted that if indeed the exiled Tibetan leadership believes that the Communist Party of China is leveraging this issue, then a simple pronouncement by the Dalai Lama declaring an end to the de facto ban would have the effect of rendering it harmless.
    Could the time now be ripe to call for closure of hostilities? The Dalai Lama has recently expressed a desire to return to his Tibetan homeland, a wish that would have no chance of fulfilment without a significant thawing of China’s attitude towards Tibet’s spiritual leader.
    Harmony among Tibetan Buddhists is in the interests of both sides. Moreover, having said in November 2017 that “Tibetans want to stay with China” and that he would return to Tibet at once, if China agrees, the Dalai Lama has flagged a willingness to try and overcome the longstanding political impasse. In addition, a high ranking emissary of the Dalai Lama, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche – former Prime Minister of the Tibetan exile Government – was nominated in the autumn as the Dalai Lama’s envoy for talks with the Chinese authorities and is believed to have held secret meetings with senior Communist party leaders.
    Given that one of His Holiness’ early reasons for his criticism of Shugden worship – that it “harms the life of the Dalai Lama” – no longer seems justified given his longevity and continuing fair health, a rapprochement with Shugden acolytes may be a good starting point if his desired return to Tibet is to be anything more than a pipe dream.

  97. Tenzin Tsomo

    January 22, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Lobsang Sangay’s dismissal of Penpa Tsering with various accusations backfired, contrary to Lobsang Sangay’s expectation. Now, Tibetans are protesting and expressing their loss of trust in his leadership. Lobsang Sangay has to clarify a lot of things to the public, including the USD1.5 million loan with Tibet Fund. Tibetans are now beginning to see Lobsang Sangay’s true colours and are speaking up against him now.

    Sikyong Sangay, the ball is in your court now!

    By Mila Rangzen
    KOLLEGAL, India, 20 January 2018
    On 5 December 2017 former speaker Penpa Tsering made a detailed clarification rejecting every allegation, categorically, that Sikyong Sangay lobbed on him on 6 November 2017. But to Sikyong’s shock, the 10-point grenade of accusations didn’t burst on PT. It just refused to do so. It backfired.
    Sikyong’s attempt to tarnish the image of a dedicated public servant for both political and personal reasons has failed. With the vigilance and quick action from the public, the humble Tibetan people have spoken! The grenade burst back on Sikyong in the form of protest and loss of trust in his leadership.
    Sikyong never imagined even in his dreams that the Tibetan public would one day rise and speak truth to power right in his face. Terminating PT is the enormous miscalculation Sikyong made after being in office for nearly two years in his second term, and he is now paying the price.
    Many, including those who voted for Lobsang Sangay, are now beginning to see him as a shallow, fake, narcissistic, crooked, unreliable, cowardly, small-minded, touchy, egotistical, arrogant, greedy, deceptive, unappreciative of criticism, irresponsible, vindictive man, and also a sack full of outrageous lies. These are the characteristics of a wicked conman that HH abhors and does not wish to see in any human being, let alone Sikyong whose office is tied to the destiny of the six million Tibetan people.
    1. The claim that LS gave the representative post to PT by recalling his friend Kaydor Aukatsang to Dharamshala even before his tenure was numbered is a lie. The fact is that Gaden Phodrang was not happy with Kaydor’s performance in general and his election controversy in particular, so LS had no choice but to recall Kaydor and appoint Ngodup Tsering in his spot. This decision was taken long before LS posted PT to Washington DC. Yes, LS decided to name PT to the post of representative in Brussels. But that decision had to change later, and the credit goes to Gaden Phodrang, not Lobsang Sangay.
    2. What hurt Sikyong’s ego most was when PT, like an honest statesman, suggested that there should be a payable record with Office of Tibet when there exists a receivable record with the Tibet Fund regarding the $1.5-million loan. This process, he argued, sits well with both the accounting practices and the local laws. Article 6 of the exile charter states that the local laws must be respected at all cost. However, LS violated this critical article in the charter, as usual with a straight face.
    3. Narcissistic. LS asked former MP Koren from Europe to submit a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for him. Remember the picture of himself with Buddha in the background on a thangka hanging on the wall beside his desk? Thangkas are usually reserved for Buddhas and bodhisattvas. He has no shame in hanging such a thangka in his office. 
The irony is that he prefers to call himself Senge “Lion” instead of Sangay “Buddha.” When it was found out that his actual name is spelled Sangay in Tibetan in his Green Book, he insisted and changed to call himself Senge rather than Sangay. Also, his portrait photo lined up on par with HH during elections. His framed picture was carried by well over 60 supporters at the JFK airport recently, an act that is usually reserved for a religious figure like the Dalai Lama. This is all coming from a remote control in LS’ hand. Sangay wishes to be listed as a Nobel laureate alongside the Dalai Lama. He’s a dreamer, but that’s LS for you. How can he even think of competing with His Holiness?
    4. Egoistic. LS also asked MP Pema Chazoetsang from the US to submit his name for the Templeton nomination, a prize worth around $2 million which is usually awarded to a scientist who is prepared to say something nice about religion.
    5. Vindictive. LS terminated PT because PT raised questions with facts and compelling reasons whenever his duty required him to do so. You rarely see this kind of leader in our community except for MP Dolma Tsering who stands her ground and speaks up and grills powers that be. I salute her from the bottom of my heart because our community needs more leaders like her.
    6. Can’t stand criticism. The fact is he is a highly vindictive person. He can’t stand criticism let alone appreciate it. That’s the height of childishness sitting in the character of a man whom we expect to lead us through these dark times.
    7. About two months after the election was over on 20 March 2016, HH gave LS a dressing-down in front of the staff of Gaden Phodrang, Penpa Tsering, and the Justice Commissioners. His Holiness reminded him that he was telling everybody he met that LS was his political boss to create a decent image (but LS gets carried away as usual) of the Sikyong on both the domestic and global stages so that the Tibetan cause could benefit from it. But when LS blatantly indulged in lie after lie and falsehood after falsehood, HH asked him point-blank what was the point in HH continuing to live any longer if the man he praised publicly is full of lies. 
The entire dressing-down episode took only minutes. LS was the only one who refused to keep a copy. He merely wanted to feign ignorance of the contents if people demanded a copy of the same. He wept after the Speaker and Justice Commissioners left in front of HH. He wept perhaps realizing his outrageous lies could cost him his political career any time. Had HH dressed him down in public that would be the end of LS not only as a leader but even as an individual. HH can’t keep LS at a distance because he is an elected leader and it would look bad on the Sikyong if HH did, although the nature of his personality warrants otherwise. This is the problematic position HH is in. Long ago one of my brothers was a monk, carrying Nechung in a trance, at Namgyal Dratsang, HH own monastery. And with a connection in the right place, it is not hard to find a reliable, eyewitness source of information.
    8. It was LS who leaked the secret visit Samdhong Rinpoche made to China recently. Why? To put that on his list of achievements if any. To boost his political image, he makes sure the Tibetan public and the media are not left in the dark even on this secret visit of the former president! LS tipped off Indian intelligence anonymously, and Indian intelligence passed it to an Indian journalist who wrote about it first.
    If the current nightmare is to end soon, then it’s time Sikyong either declares PT’s clarification a bag of lies, or answers his conscience honestly and offers an apology to PT in public. The ball has been in Sikyong’s court for more than 40 days now. But there has been no response whatsoever from Sikyong. PT did not accept even a single accusation as real, and if Sikyong continues to remain silent, then it only means the truth is on PT’s side. Sikyong should also immediately apologize for deceiving the Tibetan public and creating chaos and rift in our community.
    Failing this, PT will have no choice but to leave no stone unturned in seeking justice, and that could include the taking of Sikyong to the Tibetan court and possibly the US court too on defamation charges. The clock ticks now!
    PS: Two pieces of good news! LS cannot come back in 2021. To do so, he has to win 30 votes in the Parliament. Both U-Tsang and Amdo parliamentarians won’t let that happen! PT is eligible to fight in the Sikyong election in 2021!

  98. Pema Wangchuk

    January 24, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is expressing his wish to visit China again. This is not the first time His Holiness mentioned about visiting or returning to China. In fact, His Holiness made a strong statement in November 2017 that he “would return to Tibet at once, if China agrees”. Could this be another sign from the Tibetan leadership that rapprochement with China is happening soon?

    Dalai Lama Waiting For A Pilgrimage Visit to China One Day
    By TJ editor
    January 23, 2018
    The Buddhist spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama during the course of teaching at Bodh Gaya today told that he is praying for a pilgrimage visit China’s Mount Wutai one day. His Holiness concluded the Diamond Cutter Sutra teachings specially dedicated to the Chinese disciples presently attending in Bodh Gaya on Tuesday.
    While explaining about the significance of the holy place in China, Wu Tai Shan, the five peaked mountain, His Holiness told that he is praying to have an opportunity to visit the holy place to receive the blessings of Manjushri.
    “China has a special connection with Manjushri, and Wu Tai Shan—the Five Peaked Mountain is the sacred place associated with him. If you Chinese can do the practices of these two, Manjushri and Sarasvati, it will be of special benefit to you. Meanwhile, I pray that one day I may visit Wu Tai Shan to receive Manjushri’s blessings—and you can pray for that too. To make your having come to Bodhgaya worthwhile, try to develop an understanding of emptiness and cultivate a good heart.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama explained at the third and last day of teachings for the Chinese disciples in Bodh Gaya today.
    The Tibetan spiritual leader fled from Tibet in 1959, following the military coup by the People’s Liberation Army of China and sought refuge in India since then. Over the last six decades, the Tibetan exile community thrived to rebuild a national struggle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been very optimistic that he will be able to return to Tibet within his life time.
    Since His Holiness’s arrival to Bodh Gaya since the beginning of this month, he has conducted three series of teachings to thousands of devotees gathered at the holy place. While the first teaching was organised at the request of his Indian devotees, the third teaching was specially dedicated to the disciples from the Mainland China.
    The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama is expected to stay in Bodh Gaya till the beginning of February, there will be public talk Education for Universal Ethics in Schools and Colleges to students from private and government schools at the Kalachakra ground on Thursday.

  99. Pema Wangchuk

    January 24, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is expressing his wish to visit China again. This is not the first time His Holiness mentioned about visiting or returning to China. In fact, His Holiness made a strong statement in November 2017 that His Holiness “would return to Tibet at once, if China agrees”. Could this be another sign from the Tibetan leadership that rapprochement with China is happening soon?

    Dalai Lama Waiting For A Pilgrimage Visit to China One Day
    By TJ editor
    January 23, 2018
    The Buddhist spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama during the course of teaching at Bodh Gaya today told that he is praying for a pilgrimage visit China’s Mount Wutai one day. His Holiness concluded the Diamond Cutter Sutra teachings specially dedicated to the Chinese disciples presently attending in Bodh Gaya on Tuesday.
    While explaining about the significance of the holy place in China, Wu Tai Shan, the five peaked mountain, His Holiness told that he is praying to have an opportunity to visit the holy place to receive the blessings of Manjushri.
    “China has a special connection with Manjushri, and Wu Tai Shan—the Five Peaked Mountain is the sacred place associated with him. If you Chinese can do the practices of these two, Manjushri and Sarasvati, it will be of special benefit to you. Meanwhile, I pray that one day I may visit Wu Tai Shan to receive Manjushri’s blessings—and you can pray for that too. To make your having come to Bodhgaya worthwhile, try to develop an understanding of emptiness and cultivate a good heart.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama explained at the third and last day of teachings for the Chinese disciples in Bodh Gaya today.
    The Tibetan spiritual leader fled from Tibet in 1959, following the military coup by the People’s Liberation Army of China and sought refuge in India since then. Over the last six decades, the Tibetan exile community thrived to rebuild a national struggle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been very optimistic that he will be able to return to Tibet within his life time.
    Since His Holiness’s arrival to Bodh Gaya since the beginning of this month, he has conducted three series of teachings to thousands of devotees gathered at the holy place. While the first teaching was organised at the request of his Indian devotees, the third teaching was specially dedicated to the disciples from the Mainland China.
    The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama is expected to stay in Bodh Gaya till the beginning of February, there will be public talk Education for Universal Ethics in Schools and Colleges to students from private and government schools at the Kalachakra ground on Thursday.

  100. Tsering

    March 3, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Comic drawn by Tendor, a prominent Free Tibet activist.

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