Top image caption: Member of Parliament questions the validity and reliance of Nechung during Day 2 of the 2nd Session of the 16th Tibetan Parliament in Exile Proceedings.

Forever touting themselves to be a fledgling democracy, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) enjoys insisting that they do everything they can to match the principles and ideals of a democratic state. Yet upon further examination of the evidence, this could not be further from the truth.

Most recently, the Tibetan Prime Ministerial elections was rocked by allegations of vote rigging and the use of underhanded tactics to squeeze out unwanted rivals. This was enforced by the Election Commission, a body supposedly tasked with overseeing the fairness and transparency of the elections. However, a much more pervasive and sinister abuse of democracy has been practised by the Tibetan administration for decades now, with no one questioning why it has been allowed to go on for so long.

This of course, is in reference to the CTA’s reliance on Nechung as the State Oracle, something which is finally being questioned by members of the CTA themselves.

The Tibetan leadership has for decades now devolved responsibility for their decision-making to the gods.

The CTA is the only ‘democratic’ administration in the world that regularly and unmistakably conflates church and state. Where other true democratic nations make an effort to separate the two, the CTA is unashamed and unabashed in mixing religion with politics. No other ‘democratic’ nation in the world relies on the gods and unseen beings to make their decisions. In this video below, you will see Member of Tibetan Parliament (MP; Tib.: chithue) Tenpa Yarphel questioning Nechung’s role in their governance and leadership.

Tenpa Yarphel questions why there is a need to do this when historically, the leadership’s experiences with Nechung have not been consistently positive nor constructive. He even references the occasion when Nechung is said to have prescribed the wrong medication to the 13th Dalai Lama, leading to his premature death.

He also cites the example of the Panchen Lama issue to demonstrate how ineffective it has been for them to rely on Nechung. For all the faith the Tibetan leadership has invested in this deity, Tenpa Yarphel states clearly that nothing tangible nor positive has come out of it. Consider the furore over the disappearance of the ‘real’ Panchen Lama. Tenpa Yarphel wonders out loud why the Tibetan leadership have not questioned Nechung as to the ‘real’ Panchen Lama’s whereabouts, when the CTA claims that his disappearance is a serious human rights issue and they have provoked supporters of the Tibetan cause to champion and highlight this issue.

Tenpa Yarphel strongly questioned the Tibetan leadership’s unquestioning reliance on Nechung

Tenpa Yarphel also questions why the administration continues to rely on an oracle when, if the oracle and deity could not or refused to give an answer, that man would be perfectly capable of making decisions for himself. In fact, why even have an oracle, if man is good enough?

So while the CTA claims to be a government led by Buddhist principles, Tenpa Yarphel wonders if this is really fair, considering the variety of faiths and beliefs held by Tibetans. Is it fair to impose one religion’s principles and traditions on a populace who may not necessarily subscribe to those beliefs? What about Muslim Tibetans and Christian Tibetans who deserve to be led by a true democracy, instead of a leadership that resigns its decision-making abilities to gods they do not believe in?

MP Tenpa Yarphel’s tone is that of doubt, intimating that he does not agree with the reliance on Nechung. It should be remembered that it was the Dalai Lama who has encouraged the reliance of Nechung as a State Oracle. In questioning the validity of Nechung, Tenpa Yarphel is indirectly questioning His Holiness the Dalai Lama since it was the Dalai Lama who chose to give Nechung so much precedence and influence in the modern day. It is indeed brave of Tenpa Yarphel to openly doubt the Dalai Lama’s choice and decision. As we have seen with Dorje Shugden practitioners in the past, merely questioning the Dalai Lama’s illogical ban on Dorje Shugden will earn you the label of ‘traitor’, a spot on some kind of hit list or another, and the reputation of someone deserving of violence and vulgarities.

Tenpa Yarphel similarly intimated that he doubts the trances, and even questions their authenticity and validity. As a member of the Tibetan leadership, it has to be asked why he and everyone else goes along with it when they are fully functioning, cognizant and hopefully logical adults. Their unquestioning and unrelenting reliance on an unseen being for make democratic decisions is superstitious at best, and irresponsible and dangerous at the worst.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has a close relationship with the Nechung Oracle. Some might claim this follows in Buddhist traditions but other Buddhist nations do not exhibit such a heavy reliance on deities. This has allowed them to develop a more effective style of governance with truly egalitarian leadership opportunities for the people

While the CTA might argue that their reliance on Nechung is in keeping with their Buddhist traditions, we would posit that other Buddhist nations have faith in the gods yet do not mix religion and politics to such a degree where the leaders are rendered ineffectual and impotent. In fact, these other Buddhist governments exhibit a far more complex and well-developed style of governance that has resulted in prosperity and peace for their country and people. Bhutan for example, does not rely on oracles but their government continues to go from strength to strength while the Tibetan leadership struggles to provide for their people even after 60 years in exile. So why are the Tibetan leadership relying on oracles they KNOW to be unreliable, to make state decisions? The Tibetan people should really question their faith and trust in their leadership, when it is their leadership who relies on beings that cannot be trusted.

There is now growing social media chatter about how the decades of trouble for Dorje Shugden will soon be shifted in Nechung’s direction, now that people are seeing how problematic it has become for them to rely on an unenlightened spirit for state-level decision-making. Whether or not this chatter will develop into action remains to be seen, as the Tibetan leadership become increasingly aware of their people’s dissatisfaction towards their decision-making style. What is unmistaken however, is that Tibetan society is finally waking up to the decades of abuse, exploitation and neglect they have suffered under a leadership who, instead of taking responsibility for their people, has divested it in unseen, unenlightened beings. It is a society that is frustrated and fed up and ready for change, and it is about time the Tibetan leadership wakes up to this before they have lost all control and it is too late.


Tenpa Yarphel Questions Nechung

Translation: Part 1

From the Department of Religion & Culture, today they have been talking about tradition of trance, the reason for taking trance, oracles, etc. Today, the Head of the Department of Religion & Culture said the reason why we rely on oracles and trance is because our government is based on both religion and politics, that is why we hold trances.

One of the venerable MPs [name unintelligible] has just spoken about the story of Nechung and stated that Nechung has benefited religion and politics. After collecting all the information, since from before, I used to have doubt how the trances take place. [Editor’s note: he implies that he still has doubt]

If I see all the stories, then not much good has happened. [Editor’s note: Some of the trances have been good; some have not been good] I’m not that much of an expert on that kind of story.

There are some stories that, not specific to the Nechung Kuten or to the Dalai Lama, but there are stories where Nechung Kuten has given the wrong medicine. By giving the wrong medicine, the Dalai Lama died. So there are these kinds of stories also.

We should separate the origination stories of Nechung as a protector and taking trance in an oracle, and the lineage of the Nechung oracle himself. By mixing both, for self-use, we cannot do these kinds of things. These kinds of stories also exist.

According to the records of previous government proceedings, there has also been a mention that Nechung is recognised as the government’s oracle.

Secondly, I have the thought or opinion that actually, what is the meaning of a ‘government oracle’? Does it mean that the Nechung Oracle has existed since the time Gaden Phodrang was the Government of Tibet? Is this the real government oracle? Or after the Tibetan government in exile, was it recognised as the government oracle then? Or was it after they became an administration that it was recognised as the government oracle? I need these two things to be clarified.

There’s no need to know about Nechung or the Nechung Oracle. In my case, I don’t have a connection with this. Every religion has their own protector deity. Our government, just because we mix religion and politics, we need to take trance, it doesn’t make sense. If our government is a mix of religion and politics, and the religion part refers to a specific god or deity, you cannot apply one god to all religions.

Moreover, these days there is a lot of talk about trances and other people have a lot of opinions.

There have been trances for the purpose of the Dalai Lama’s well-being, yes we agree on this one. Even if the oracle didn’t give answers, we can do it by ourselves. [Editor’s note: even if the oracle doesn’t prescribe medicine or treatment or pujas for example, we can still make these decisions for ourselves]

We know about collective merit, and we know how to accumulate collective merit even if the god doesn’t tell us. In the Buddhist scriptures, there is mention about cause and effect. It’s also mentioned very clearly in the Buddhist scriptures how to accumulate merit.

If by holding the trances and oracles makes any difference, it’s been a long time since we have heard about the Panchen Rinpoche. Is there any possibility of holding a trance for this matter? Until now there has been any trance or not? If there has not been any trance, then why has it not been held? Alive or not alive? Do they know about this condition? Now you can see the condition. Actually, isn’t this something that needs to be consulted? Indeed, maybe they [the deities] also know about all this.

One point is like that. And there is a custom of praising the oracle. Earlier I had questioned the Head of the Department of Religion & Culture about this but he did not have the correct answer. [Editor’s note: Tenpa Yarphel then wants to continue but he gets cut off by the Speaker of Parliament] This is what I have to say!

Translation: Part 2

And there have been many stories / speeches about the Nechung Oracle, and I feel like it is very important to express my opinion also.

It is very weird. During the trance, they do not write [down what Nechung says] but only do it after the deity leaves the oracle’s body. It’s very surprising that man can understand god language. I doubt this very much.

In the letter*, there comes many things and I doubt it was actually told by Nechung. How can one understand the god language? It may make sense if it was written down during the trance then this would symbolise it is a real trance, but it doesn’t happen like this.

And we have discussed a lot about Nechung Oracle. If it is a deity accepted by all religious traditions then this is really not my concern. In my case, it’s really not my concern. This is the point.

We have talked about praising Nechung Oracle before. It was mentioned that he is higher than any other traditions’ teachers, that’s why we honour him. And also, the Treasurer of the Department of Religion and Culture praises him which means he is defined as higher [by them].

Praising [a] god as higher than teachers / masters is not accepted by our Buddhism. It’s not about great and small. But the Department of Religion and Culture praising any deity contradicts our Buddhism / or is against Buddhism.

Today there are no accounts mentioned [for what is offered to the oracle]. Still, it must be same? Last year, last year this has been brought up before. Previously, I have questioned this. This kind of situation is not acceptable. This is I want to say.

And it’s about funding for cultural activities which we have also discussed many times. Many have asked why we talk about cultural funding. Anyway, I am not the Chief for the Department of Religion and Culture but the question about this matter has been raised again and again. I think there must be reason for this. Last time, I asked two questions. One question asked if we are related in history, which is why we send funds to Mongolia [to preserve their culture].

Kalon is here. Another question asked if it is because we are related in religion and cultural background, so that is why we send funds to Mongolia.

We have many people in our society who are from the Himalayan region, Bhutan, etc. and also have the same religion and cultural base [as us]. They may feel that we live in the same house, with same rules, we eat together. Yet one side [Mongolians] receive funding from the Tibetan government and the other part, nothing. Also, on this matter, the answer was not clear.

Today, what is spoken about is what cultural education is. Is it because a of government-to-government relationship? So, this government relationship is either related via religion or politics.

If it is by religion then from which religious tradition is it related? Earlier, the Religion and Culture Kalon said, “Khenpo (Abbot) is nothing.” He doesn’t do anything remarkable. Remarkable or not, it is not about great and small [positon]. It’s because it [the funding] is given by the Treasury of the Tibetan government. Whatever aim, needs and reason [given for this funding], the doubts are getting bigger and bigger. They are not being cleared. This is what I want to say.

And another question: Members of Parliament had talked about providing assistance / resources to Gedunpas [monks]. This is very important. All deities and protectors teach how to accumulate collective karma. Accumulating merits actually arises from the sangha’s place**. Our Buddhist scriptures teach that the main place to accumulate merit is the Gedunpa place. If you make requests to Gedunpa [for various activities like pujas, teachings, etc.] then not only will you accumulate collective karma, but you will also make a good relationship with the monasteries, and [they] can explain any topic just as said in our Tibetan proverb “killing two deer with one arrow”.

Like this it’s true. If you give necessary help to the Sangha then we accumulate collective merit, exactly. Nothing is better than this.

In refugee camps, all the old people are gathered for prayer. If they [the old people] don’t come then they are fined, [they are] doing like this. Instead, there are many Gedunpas’ places that can help them [to do the prayers]. If you give them assistance and medical help then you automatically accumulate collective merit. Please think carefully about this. Actually I am talking for a better outcome. If my talk is not for a better outcome, then anyone can talk big like this. If you keep talking nonsense then it will be like not taking responsibility. This is what I want to say.

And now about geshema. For geshemas, the Department of Religion and Culture is providing finance, holding exams for them, providing necessities, we really admire this. This is the consideration of the Dalai Lama and we rejoice. All religious traditions included, along with Bon, also have very qualified nuns. So they also need equal treatment.

*after the trance, Nechung’s pronouncements are recorded on the official letterhead of Nechung, in the form of a letter

**the sangha’s place (the monasteries) provides an object / basis for people to ‘use’ to accumulate merit. By visiting the monasteries, making offerings like khata or donations, ordering pujas and generally supporting their activities, the existence of the monasteries allows practitioners to generate merit

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  1. Carole McQuirre

    September 29, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    Now the Tibetan parliament in exile is questioning the use of using oracles by themselves and by Dalai Lama. More and more of their own Tibetan government is questioning the methods of the Tibetan government in exile. There is trouble brewing.

  2. Harold Musetescu

    September 30, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    The Gadong Oracle was the second highest state oracle. From 1986 when he was enthroned until his death in 2015 he never once spoke in trance. How can the Dalai Lama enthrone a man who could not go into trance and have the Shinjachen deity speak thorough him? How did he hold his title as the second highest oracle for 19 years when he was a total failure as an oracle?

  3. Sascha

    October 1, 2016 at 11:22 am

    First of all HHDL was and is dharma holder that is holding up the dharma. He is not good and not bad, he is no god and no devil, he is just a buddha, chenrezig or bodhichitta, because he is and stays free of lastingness and non-existence.

    Democracy is based on dignity and dignity is what dharma is about. CTA was and is build on dharma or dignity, so it is build on dignity much more than any other nation beside nations that are based on dharma.

    Also when you look into the education system of any nation, then you will figure out that the tibetan people recieve the highest education that is possible because it completely is based on dharma. You won’t find this in other nations but alot more of ignorance and violence instead. Isn’t the best service that can be offered to give dharma because dignity is the basis for any culture? A culture that is based on reality/dignity is a culture that has a future because eternalism and nihilism are illusions that don’t have a future but will dissolve sooner or later.

    We also have to consider how difficult it is to cultivate dignity within a realm like this human realm in this state because of ignorance and karma as well the conflict regarding shunyata within duality. Just look into the world and all the violence because of ignorance that is in conflict with shunyata and in conflict with another.

    Also we have to accept that there can’t be a 100% perfect mankind, society, culture and world because of ignorance and karma of beings.

    Beings are in a diffrent state of conciousness that is changeing all the time, so you actually can’t just set up a dualistic system within non-dual reality and put people under this hat that won’t fit all because of all people have dignity and are all in a diffrent state of conciousness that is also changing all the time. This only will effect problems, as we can see. But there is spacecontinuum that all beings live in with their conciousness that is wisdom and compassion anyway, this is law and and government anyway or the big hat that fits all and is not effecting problems but regeneration and healing. If you like it or not dharma is government and law anyway.

    I would recommend to cultivate wisdom and compassion because it will effect less problems and suffering because of less ignorance and less violence. It is worth to switch on the light of wisdom and compassion instead of going on with ignorance, harmful dualistic views, harmful motivation and violence that only will effect more and more problems and suffering and degenerates/wipes out nations at the very end.

    Regarding oracles. An oracle is someone with the quality of non-dual perception and experience of reality, also sometimes called trance, that is a state of conciousness that makes you able to see clearly the present because everything is happening in the present, because spacecontinuum is present and relative reality is happening in the present.

    Some people wonder what oracle/divination is all about and don’t understand what is happening, so it is helpful to explain what is going on to prevent missunderstanding, wrong views and conflict.

    Vajrayana is about pure or non-dual perception and experience of reality. This is possible because conciousness is non-dual or self-arising awareness that is like the sunrays of the sun in the sky. The purity aspect of conciousness is like the sky and the clearity aspect of conciousness is like the sun and this basic freedom of lastingness and non-existence (wisdom and compassion) of conciousness is once inherent self-arising non-dual awareness that has many aspects and are represented by so called deities.

    This is why in vajrayana/dharma is no worshiping at all but using wisdom and compassion of the whole mandala or space- and conciousnesscontinuum, elements and nature or secret, inner and outer wisdom and compassion of absolute and relative reality and are represented by deities to communicate with.

    First you start to study and practice with these deities that represent all aspects of wisdom and compassion but then you realize/become aware of them directly and then you go on with wisdom and compassion directly.

    People who take trance or effect a non-dual perception and experience of reality are aware of aspects of reality that you can’t be aware of with an distracted or dual state of conciousness.

    Oracle or divination basicly is a practice to effect clear seeing in a way that you are able to be aware of and understand phenomena and tendencies that are dynamicly and take place in the present in order to prevent and overcome causes of suffering and suffering.

    Politics is supposed to cultivate dignity by giving law that is free of eternalism and nihilism. Eternalism and nihilism is illusion but not dignity that is free of lastingness and non-existence. When you look into the law of all nations than you clearly can see that CTA is much more based on dignity than any other nation.HHDL and CTA and other dharma cultures have much more to offer than any other nations that offer many illusions, problemes and suffering. So we should call all nations that are not based on dignity as so called developing countries.

    HHDL and CTA did and do the best they can for ALL beings, this is not easy! Just try for yourself instead of complaining about others or put on their shoes and walk throug their life and think about it.

    Dignity has the right to be a state and not to be in exile! Israel has the right to be a state but tibetan people that really can cultivate dignity because of dharma don’t have the right to have a state?

    If dignity has no right to be a state in this realm, well then there is something wrong in this realm with all the other nations.

  4. Sierra

    October 2, 2016 at 4:55 am

    Secular and spiritual cannot sit in the same seat. They have to be separated. So, the government and the church should be separated. Not all Tibetans are Buddhists. There are Muslims and Christians in the midst.

    So, to be fair to everyone, church cannot come in as it would not be fair to the other as stated by Ms Beswick. I totally agree with that. Been my stance always.

    I’m glad these question are being asked now. I’m glad too that Tenpa Yarphel has the courage to openly question the CTA about this mixing of church and state. As Ms Beswick pointed out, this is the short-cut to the CTA’s hit list.

    Happy to see the Tibetans waking up and maturing politically.

  5. Linda

    October 2, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Tenpa Yarphel is smart, or at least the smartest one among the lot!

    Well after 19 years of wrong prophecies and “killing” the Buddha of Compassion, your leader, and you still propitiate him, either you’re a really dumb government or you are really dumb! Like c’mon why on earth would you and on top of that humiliated the current Dalai Lama by proclaiming that everyone’s going back to Tibet soon, well… if that is not enough to RING/BUZZ all the ALARMS to wake you up… I don’t know what is. What is it with these Tibetans? Too much momos?

    So there’s this talk and rumor among Tibetans for years that the oracle is not taking trance of Nechung that it is some other spirits. But really what Tenpa says is true to the core… “No other ‘democratic’ nation in the world relies on the gods and unseen beings to make their decisions.”

    And he is very logical to ask… “why he and everyone else goes along with it when they are fully functioning, cognizant and hopefully logical adults. Their unquestioning and unrelenting reliance on an unseen being for make democratic decisions is superstitious at best, and irresponsible and dangerous at the worst” makes total logical sense!!!

    Oh my this is refreshing to see/read that there are those who can think for themselves in the whatever that is left of a exile Tibetan government. Hopefully they can rectify more stupid decisions, and lift the illogical ban on their own people and cause so much grief and disunity.

  6. Christine Victor

    October 3, 2016 at 4:17 am

    For over decades, no one ever questioned about a Government decision is make not according to logic, not according to situation but upon the instruction from Oracle. I think in this world, only Tibetan make their national decision based on the oracle decision.
    Currently, in some news, people started to question on the authentic of the oracle – who is giving the information, a deity or spirits. When we think further, isn’t it scary that the country faith depends on an oracle?
    In this era, technology is getting advance, people act on some decision making base on logical thought. If the Tibetan parliament continue to make decision base on an oracle, it have to be question are they not capable in making own decision or their trying to avoid responsibility, and, later anything happened, they can be conveniently blame religion.

  7. Carole McQuirre

    October 3, 2016 at 5:49 am

    @Harold Musetescu,

    Why would the Gadong oracle not speak at all? What do you speculate went wrong?

  8. SabrinaS

    October 3, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    It is amazing that in the 21st Century, there is a government that depend on the “higher powers” to make it’s policies and decisions. Does that mean that all the governmental officials are just puppets on strings and the puppet master is Nechung or the Nechung Oracle. I am surprised that fully able and thinking adults had not question this before Tenpa Yarphel standing to question. This really show the power of the Dalai Lama and his advices/instructions. There had been many rumours that the Nechung Oracle had been taking trance based on the wishes of the Dalai Lama or that it is the vengeful spirit of Nyatrul that had taken over the body of the Oracle to give harmful advices/prophecies. If that is the case, then won’t it better to have able men/women holding the responsibilities of office? But then again if they were able to sit in their parliament without questioning for such a long time, hmmm what does it say about them? As Tenpa Yarphel mentioned, are they being fair to their people of other religions to force their “Buddhist” way of making decisions for them?

    On another note, if the Nechung Oracle had been giving bad or harmful advices, then won’t the advice to ban the Dorje Shugden practice be wrong too? After 400 years of propitiation and then sudden 40 years ago Nechung Oracle advice that Dorje Shugden is harmful to the Dalai Lama’s life? Is this the same Nechung that had requested Duldzin Dragpa Gyetsen to take on the role the unusual Protector of Lama Tsongkapa’s precious teachings or the same that came to Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen to fulfil his promise made in his earlier incarnation by creating conditions for the rise of Dorje Shugden? Why would Nechung now go against Dorje Shugden? Now the Dalai Lama had stated Dorje Shugden does not harm his life nor the Tibetan freedom cause so hopefully with the new rise of bravery amongst the governing officials, may the ban on Dorje Shugden swiftly lifted due to its illogical reasonings given by Nechung Oracle.

  9. Lolo

    October 4, 2016 at 12:30 am

    All these sound very illogical given the fact that Nechung has been giving unreliable advice year in and year out yet the CTA is still consulting Nechung. Could it be that this oracle is questionable? If he is indeed what the CTA Tibetans proclaimed him to an enlightened being why is it that the exile Tibetans is still not united with Lhasa. It is now been 57 years since the exile and CTA is not anywhere nearer to a truce with China. Can this be allowed to go on indefinitely and pretend that unity with Tibet is going to happen anytime soon?
    Tenpa Yarphel is absolutely correct to acknowledge that CTA is too dependent on this questionable oracle. My opinion is this, if CTA were to continually be dependent on this oracle regarding the management of a government they might as well come and live our life. As human beings we are given freewill to live our own life.
    Oracles are supposedly believed to be our guide on spirituality and reinforcing the Buddha dharma in us. The mundane happenings in our life must be left for us to go through no matter how good or bad our experiences are. It is timely now that His Holiness has mentioned that Dorje Shugden does no harm to him or cause any harm to the Tibetan cause, therefore CTA would be wise to turn back to Dorje Shugden for dharma guidance.

  10. Gaz

    October 4, 2016 at 12:52 am

    Just been informed by some mates that Tenpa Yarphel is now being accused of being a Chinese spy. It turns out this blokes uncle is Akong Rinpoche who was murdered in Chengdu. So their using that connection to demean Tenpa Yarphel and attack his credibility so whatever he has to say is rendered invalid.

    You would think after 60 years they would come up with a more original insult. Just goes to show theres no room for real democracy in Tibetan governance. The instant any kind of valid criticism or feedback is given, the person is immediately suppressed and smacked down with unfounded accusations. How does that encourage anyone to take responsibility and step up as a leader, or just to contribute ideas that could potentially improve their lot?

  11. Sherabz

    October 5, 2016 at 6:19 am

    In Buddhism, we believe that Buddhas have manifested in the form of various Dharma Protectors, such as Kalarupa, Dorje Shugden, Mahakala, Setrap and etc etc help to clear our obstacles, protection and most importantly in spirituality. Later, I only came to know the administration of CTA is rely on an oracle for getting its decisions which many other countries in the world will not do that.

    A good point stood out to me that every religion has their own protector deity which I think this should apply to everyone too. The nation is being formed by different races, ethnic groups, religion, age, gender and etc. When the government choose to mix the politics and religion, all the considerations have to be prioritized for the benefits of the people and it is irrational and unfair to rely on an oracle’s (one god) decisions and apply it to the people with different religions.

  12. Solomon Lang

    October 6, 2016 at 9:04 am

    All very good questions The Honorable Tenpa Yarphel.

  13. Q

    October 13, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    The emergence of Wechat as a platform for Tibetans to stay connected with each other have in many ways ‘damanged’ the CTA greatly to the extent they even spoke about the effects of wechat in this year’s election. Now that the news is available for the public, and communication with people in Tibet have improved and thus knowing the truth of being in exile… we have seen reports that the numbers of Tibetans in Tibet coming to India have dropped immensely to the point that the TCV schools are empty. And in order for them to keep receiving funding, local poor children were enrolled into the school.

    What Tenpa Yarphel have put forward in question is something that Shugden practitioners have been talking about FOR YEARS. The accuracy of the Nechung oracle have been questioned many times, especially the negative statements the oracle have made about Dorje Shugden. We all know, it is another of Nechung’s inaccurate advice.

    On top of that, in a democratic ‘government’, how can Nechung be part of the counsel that make decisions for the state. Did the people vote for Nechung? or it is just something forced down the Tibetan in exile’s throats without they even knowing about it since that is the only treatment they ever know as followers under the CTA. So why bother to put up with the drama between Penpa and Sangay earlier this year in their fight to be Sikyong? Why don’t they just vote for Nechung lol.

    Using an oracle to make decisions will be their downfall, because the people of power will never learn to take full responsibility for their actions. After all, they can always throw the blame to Nechung, who no one can see or talk to since he is a formless entity.

  14. Sascha

    October 20, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Search for Nechung Oracle within the webpage:

    Without having direct information about what was happening in europe Nechung Oracle was clear about what was going on. How?

    Due to that non-dual perception and experience of reality is what dharma or the path of wisdom and compassion is about, oracle/divination also isone aspect of dharma and that’s why it is one aspect of wisdom and compassion culture or dharma culture, tibetan culture.

    Non-dualistic perception and experience of reality is to be aware of aspects of dynamic reality that is happening in the present that you are not aware of with an distracted or obscured awareness, awareness that is obscured by karma that is effected by ignorance regarding non-duality – harmful views (dualistic view of reality – good and bad, god and devil, right and wrong and so on), harmful motivation (good and bad) and harmful actions of mind, speech and body.

    An oracle can help you to become aware of reality and that is happening that you are not aware of. So, to use the oracle/divination/clear seeing aspect of awareness is the aspect of dealing with illusion (Ignorance) and karma to prevent and overcome creating karma and karma/causes of suffering and suffering.

    Not to use oracle/divination equals using less non-dual awareness (wisdom and compassion). So if you can use clear seeing or an oracle to prevent and overcome causes of suffering and suffering, why not?

    Wise and compassionate advice that is based on and found within clear seeing is very helpful so it is one part of dealing wise and compassionate with reality to prevent and overcome causes of suffering and suffering.

    People who don’t understand non-dual awareness might think that an oracle is just for entertainment or just to amuse people on youtube but that’s just because of missunderstanding what really is going on.

    An oracle also can lead you to discover something in a way you don’t expect that this would be the way but at the end divination or oracle was very clear about reality. Also remember that wisdom and compassion is not wrong nor right because it is non-duality that is free of this duality that is blocking non-dual awareness that is non-dual perception and experience of reality.

    We schould be clear about that only to apply wisdom and compassion will prevent and overcome causes of suffering and suffering. Violence can’t help at all.

  15. Elibuchen

    October 29, 2016 at 6:22 am

    I think the CTA, is relying on Nechung so if anything untoward happens, they are not to be blamed.

    It is more like, the government takes the lead from Nechung and hope Nechung can give a bright spark that changes their fortune.

    This is far from how one should rely on a Dharma Protector, the correct and proper way to rely on a Dharma Protector is for us to do our homework and if that is also confirmed by the Dharma Protector, we can have much more confidence to pursuee ahead. It is like CTA just waiting for handme down from Nechung.

  16. Michaela Smith

    November 6, 2016 at 4:51 am

    Dear Kay

    Thank you for this article. I certainly salute Thenpa Yarphel who had the courage to question about the reliance on Oracle advice for decision making. He certainly has raised some valid question and he was also being honest that he did not understand what Nechung is saying when he was taking trance.

    Judging from the past record, Nechung is known to have given inaccurate advice that almost or proof to be detrimental in decision making. The followings are some of the examples:
    1. giving wrong medication that expedite the death of the 13th Dalai Lama
    2. Advising the Dalai Lama to stay in Tibet while Dorje Shugden advised him to escape. It was proven that the day after the escape Potala palace was attacked by the Chinese
    3. Nechung said that Dalai Lama would be able to come back and gain control over Tibet within a certain timeline. The timeline has passed and the event did not happen

    and there are many other incidences of sort. I think it is about time that the CTA stop blaming a spirit for their failures and take responsibilities of their own decision.


  17. ken

    December 8, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Finally someone who has the guts to question the CTA brand of democracy.

  18. Camillia

    December 16, 2016 at 6:42 am

    It is not that other Buddhist countries adopt a better style in governance, it is just that all learned and rationale leaders would understand that politics and religions do not mix. There must be accountability in governance. We must let the people elected government to be accountable for their lack of ability to do their job and also their greed for fattening their pockets. Mixing religion and politics basically give these politician a free ticket from jail – they can just blame all that they have done / not done onto the deity in question. Wake up. Tibetans must unite and voice out.

  19. Tenzin Paljor

    January 28, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    The Shugden groups can dare defy the Dalai Lama because they do not have a country. The Tibetans are scattered all over the world and they have their various power basis from their various countries. I have spoken to Ms. Dhardon Sharling about this. If all the Tibetans were back in Tibet, they would have no chance to defy the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s government would crush them into silence. How dare they defy the Dalai Lama. Democracy is not for the backwards and illiterate Tibetans. They need a strong, smart and able ruler like the Dalai Lama and his ministers to tell them what is good or bad for them. The Dorje Shugden practice should be banned completely from the Tibetans and Tibetan nation because it is a harmful practice. And no religious freedom should be allowed to let this Dorje Shugden religion arise. In history, many other harmful religions were suppressed for the good of mankind. Shugden should be suppressed and all people who practice him should be forced to give up the practice.

  20. Tenzin Paljor

    January 28, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Everyone should go take a picture with the Dalai Lama and post it. It will boost ‘business’. It’s made me look really valid and more people trust what I am saying simply because I have my picture taken with the Dalai Lama. I’ve roped in Carole MccQuirre and gang to do the same things. You see because I am from East Germany and we don’t believe in any sort of religious freedom. Whatever the regime in the past told you to do, you do it without question. The Shugden groups should not be allowed to practice their religion because the Dalai lama says so. We shouldn’t question the Dalai Lama or defy him. After all he is not human but a god. So if Dalai Lama says don’t practice Dorje Shugden, just follow along without question because why should there be religious freedom. The populace are too stupid to see what religion is good and what is harmful.

  21. Sascha

    January 31, 2017 at 7:35 am

    @Tenzin Paljor

    Because of all beings itself, by nature, are free of lastingness and non-existence, all beings itself are basicly wisdom and compassion/buddhas.

    Of course spirit worship is not dharma practice at all. But to look at a being as good or evil is also not dharma practice at all but harmful view that is blocking onceself to become more and more aware of non-duality.


    To invoke Guru Rinpoche does not mean to invoke Padmasambhava himself but it means to invoke the wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnescontinuum and all it’s aspects that are protection, regeneration and healing. The mantra of guru rinpoche just represent all ascpets of our inherent wisdom and compassion/conciousness and that’s all. So there is no spirit worship at all because it is invoking and using once wisdom and compassion that is there anyway.

    So if the view is pure, the motivation is pure and the actions of mind, speech and body are pure, than it is no spirit worship at all but dharma.

    There are many statues of Shakyamuni that people sit infront and invoke buddha that is not invoking siddharta but is invoking the wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnescontinuum. That is not worshiping a spirit at all.

    So there is no summoning deities nor spirit worship but just invoking the wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnesscontinuum or all aspects of wisdoom and compassion that is represented by all deities that are/is free of all extremes and therefore wisdom and compassion, pure, protective, regeneration and healing.

    Medicin Buddha is about all healing ascpets of space- and conciousnesscontinuum, healing aspects of elements and nature and beings who can perform medical aid/assistance. That is not spirit worship at all it is just using the healing power of reality for the beifit of all beings.

    So what is the view, motivation and action of people who do dorje shugden practice, what is the practice text, what is the practice, what is the mantra and it’s aspects and meanings? Is there anything that is in contradiction of non-duality/basic freedom of lastingness and non-existence, is there eternalism and nihilism? And everyone has to check this by himself before using it anyway and if there is something in contradiction with reality/non-duality then well of course it is not dharma/dharma practice.

    Also we can’t stop others to do what they do with their conciousnesness anyway and nevertheless they themself are basicly wisdom and compassion and that is a reason for discrimination?

    Shakyamuni teached us how to stop judging others and to discriminate and to accept all beings as buddhas because of shunyata and supporting the wisdom and compassion within all beings for their freedom and wellbeing.

    Of course this is not easy, so we should support the wisdom and compassion within people who practice dorje shugden anyway because they are buddhas anyway, not because of shakyamuni would do so but because of we understand.

    Dharma and democracy is not about discrimination it is about accepting human beings as what they are by nature and supporting their intelligence for their freedom and wellbeing.

  22. Pema

    April 21, 2017 at 5:13 am

    To have a state oracle is very good but to base your decisions on the oracle is a bit outdated especially as there have been bad decisions and oracles taking trance of Dorje Shugden have been very reliable.

    So if there have been decisions made following the advice of an oracle, there should be at least a supervision if the advice taken has been beneficial. If not, there should be no more supporting this oracle, or at least being very careful about his advice.

    I hope that a good portion of common sense should be followed and decisions should be taken based on the wellbeing of all the Tibetans. This is what any government should do and it hope that will soon be followed.

    The main focus for any government should be its people, after all a government is engaged for its people! Isn’t it?

  23. Michaela Smith

    October 19, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Another proof that the CTA is not capable of planting the seed of real democracy where freedom of speech, differences in opinion, and constructive feedback can be accepted. Tenpa Yarphel is being called a Chinese dog just because he said Nechung’s prophecy is inaccurate.

  24. TseringD, Delhi

    October 29, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Nechung is ZUMA 👎 before I m think he is one of d best when I m watch dis video By Geshe Dorjee la but now I m think is not d truth n he is lie to Tibet people we r not back to Tibet yt Chithue Tenpa Yarphel la tq for talk about truth of Nechung . I m watch to this video many time la n after I hear you talk I m not belief to Nechung

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